Although this site is dedicated to Ken patterns, there are also some of my other patterns.

Due to physical limitations, I am no longer capable of designing new outfits in thread. However, I will be adding new yarn patterns as I make them.


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"PlayTime Collection"

This is a pattern that was co-designed by me and Gidge. Just click on the picture for the pattern.
Unfortunately, "Originals By Gidge" has closed.

"Designer Collection"

The Designer Collection Patterns were designed to be companions for Barbie in a setting or display. They may not make good "play items" for smaller children. I am afraid that Ken is just not as flexible as Barbie, making it difficult to put on some of the items...such as the boots and the jackets.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me.
And here's a little information about me :o)

My Other Patterns

Here are 3 styles of Hook Holders that every crocheter should have.
An apple, a pumpkin, and a turtle :o)
Hook Holders

A really cute teddy bear designed to be the presenter of small gifts.
Done in 4ply yarn.
Teddy The Gift Giver

"Barbie's Barbie" A pattern for a 4 1/2inch Barbie
Mini Barbie

This is a DayLily I designed for my neighbor's birthday.

Here are some beaded chokers that make great gifts.
Beaded Chokers

Child's Hood and Mittens set made with baby yarn.
Winter Hood & Mittens Here are a couple of afghans I designed for your 11-1/2" fashion doll.

Aunt B's Complete Pattern Index

Please check out a group of great gals who make preemie items for various hospitals across the country.
We would love to have you join us :o)

Aunt B or Fashion Doll Design Center is not associated in any way with Mattel, Barbie(tm), or any other Mattel doll used as a mannequin.

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