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This is basically just a list of the MLPs I own, but I hope to have a header up soon.
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I own 497 different MLPs, including dragons, new MLP, plushes, petites, and McDonald's ponies.
They are (hopefully) all listed here.

Baby Berrytown's Collection:

Year 2 ponies = 26 Wavedancer, Seawinkle, Sealight, Blossom, Cotton Candy, Bowtie, Applejack, Bubbles, Seashell, Firefly, Twilight, Medley, Sunbeam, Glory, Moondancer, Moonstone, Skydancer, Sunlight, Starshine, Parasol, Windy, Majesty, Sprinkles, Peachy, Lemon Drop.

Year 3 ponies = 32 Cherries Jubilee, Tootsie, Lickety Split, Posey, Sparkler, Sky Flier, Gusty, Heartthrob, Surprise, Powder, Starflower, Flutterbye, Pinwheel, Tickle, Trickles, Sundance, Megan, Baby Blossom, Baby Moondancer, Baby Firefly, Baby Glory, Baby Cotton Candy , Baby Surprise, Baby Cuddles, Baby Tiddlely Winks, Ember, Seashimmer, Tiny Bubbles, Splasher, Surf Rider, Backstroke, Sea Star.

Year 4 ponies = 53 North Star, Paradise, Lofty, Ribbon, Shady, Cup Cake, Buttons, Truly, Magic Star, Wind Whistler, Posey, Lickety-Split, Hippety Hop, Scrumptious, Bouncy, Skippety Doo, Fifi, Twist, Best Wishes, Sundance, Sweet Stuff, Galaxy, Masqurade, Fizzy, Gingerbread, Whizzer, Sweet Pop, Sky Rocket, Speedy, Party Time, Baby Heartthrob, Baby Lickety Split, Baby Lofty, Baby Shady, Baby Ribbon, Baby Gusty, Baby Frosting, Baby Sundance, Baby Half Note, Baby Sleepy Pie, Rose Dust, Peach Blossom, Morning Glory, Forget-me-not, Honeysuckle, Lily,Yum Yum, Surf Rider, Ripple, Celebrate, Beachcomber, Sun Shower, Water Lily.

Year 5 ponies = 43 Taffy, Bangles, Quackers, Locket, Tic-tac-toe, Strawberry Fair, Dancing Butterflies, Up, up and Away, Milky Way, Love Melody, Sweet Tooth, Pillow Talk, Fifi, Princess Pearl, Princess Ruby, Princess Sapphire, Princess Amber, Princess Aquamarine, Princess Amethyst, Tropical Breeze, Cloud Puff, Wind Song "Max", Tex, Tug, Trucker, Steamer, Slugger, Baby Quackers, Baby Fifi, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe, Baby Bouncy, Baby North Star, Baby Lickety-split, Sniffles & Snookums, Jangles & Tangles, Dibbles & Nibbles, Milkweed, Sleep Tight, Zig zag, Creamsicle.

Year 6 ponies = 30 Yum yum, Bonnie Bonnets,Merriweather, Princess Dawn, Princess Pristina, Banana Surprise, Chocolate Chip, Curly Locks, Ringlets, Braided Beauty, "Pretty" vision, Magic Hat, Barnackle, Wig Wam, Chief, Baby Sweet Stuff, Baby Noddins, Sticky & Sniffles, Puddles & Peeks, Toppy, High Flier, Little Flitter, Lady Flutter, Sealight, Cherries Treats, Boysenberry Pie, Strawberry Surprise, Edgar.

Year 7 ponies = 46 Brillliant Blossom, Sunnybunch, Tassles, Sugar Apple, Caramel Crunch, Molasses, Wave Runner, Dainty Dahlila, Baby Sunny Bunch, Baby Glider, Baby Splashes, Baby Dots n’ Hearts, Baby Bows, Baby Starburst, Baby Drummer, Sunglider, Flurry, Starry Wings, Moon Jumper, Dangles, Squirmy, Yo-yo, Wild Flower, Dainty, Spring Song, Fancy Flower, Brilliant Bloom, Glittering Gem, Player, Twirler, Mother Apple delight, Baby Brother Apple Delight, Baby Sister Apple Delight, Father Apple Delight, Mother Bright Bouquet, Baby Sister Bright Bouquet, Baby Brother Bright Bouquet, Father Bright Bouquet, Mother Sweet Celebrations, Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations, Father Sweet Celebrations, Baby Nectar, Fleecy & Woolly, Sunspot, Sky Rocket.

Year 8 ponies = 20 Pina Colada, Tootie Tails, Sea Breeze, Streaky, Ringlet, Stripes, Tip Toes, Posey Rose, Baby Flicker, Baby Rainflower, Baby Wellyboot, Bright Night, Sunblossom, Twinkler, Star Flash, Daisy Dancer, Baby Gusty, Baby Firefly, Pony Bride, Merry Treat.

Year 9 ponies = 14 Pretty Beat, Half Note, Happyglow,Singing Pocket, Hopping Pocket, Jingle Pocket, Gardenglow,Baby BrightBow, Baby Rainribbon, Baby Star Bow, Baby Sweet Steps, Baby Toe Dancer, Baby Soft Steps, Little Giggles.

Year 10 ponies = 9 Bridal Beauty, Birthday Pony, Sunbeam, Sunglory, Lovin’ Kisses, Baby Sea Princess, Baby Sea Shimmer, Baby Pearly, Flowerbelle.

Made in Italy ponies = 13 Moondancer, Seashell, Firefly, Sunbeam, Windy, Bowtie, Lemon Drop, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Hvid Peachy, Applejack, Sunlight, Glory.

Made in Greece ponies = 1 Greece Peachy.

Mail order ponies = 24 Blå Ember, Pink Ember, Lilla Ember, Minty, Blue Belle, Cotton Candy, April, September, Tux n’ Tails, Lilla Satin n’ Lace, Lucky, Clipper, Starhopper, Sun Spot, Twinkler, Dabble, Lil’ Sweetcake, Goldilocks, Baby Up, up and Away, Baby Sweet Tooth, Baby Love Melody, Baby Halfnote, Baby Stockings, White Valentine Baby.

Alternate International ponies = 20 UK Applejack, UK Bowtie, UK Confetti, NSS Magic Star, NSS Buttons, Prickles, Flash, Sparks, Spiny, Smokey, Fiery, Violet, Daffodil, Daisy, Lily of the Valley, Water Lily, Morning Glory, Chrysanthemum, UK Twisty Tail, Made-in-China Baby Dots n’ Hearts .

Early international ponies = 16 Snowflake, Hopscotch, Baby Hopscotch, Honeycomb, Baby Honeycomb, Baby Buttons, Baby Cherries Jubilee, Baby Lemon Drop, Tysk Baby Lemon Drop, Baby Bowtie, Surf Dancer, Sea Spray, Kiss Curl, Baby Stella, Baby Nightsong, Baby Explorer.

International Year 8 ponies = 9 Sportstime, Paintingtime, Musictime, Playtime, Baby Alphabeht, Baby Schoolbag, Baby Pictures, Rosette, Sweet Clover.

International Year 9 ponies = 5 Love Letter, Love Story, Love Token, Love-in-a-mist, Vanilla Treat.

International Year 10 ponies = 16 Starlight, Hip-Hop, Jazzie, Rulleskøjte Melody, Bangles, Frisør Starlight, Candy Kisses, Kiss & Make Up, Baby Susie, Baby Billie, Baby Katie, Stargaze, Baby Meadowsweet, Mommy Meadowsweet, Baby Berrytown, Baby Sunbright.

International Year 11 ponies = 10 Baby Licorice, Baby Splish, Baby Splash, Baby Ruby, Ringlets, Nurse Loveheart, Baby Bouncy, Baby Cuddles, Baby Snoozy, Pony Mother + 2 babies.

New MLP season 1 ponies = 9 Sunsparkle, Ivy, Sky Skimmer, Petal Blossom, Morning Glory, Clever Clover, Berry Bright, Seabreeze, Lightheart.

New MLP season 2 ponies = 9 Tipsy Tulip, Moonshadow, Sugar Belle, Cupcake, Dainty Dove, Sweet Berry & Ivy, Sunsparke & Lightheart.

New MLP season 3 ponies = 5 Sweet Berry, Satin Splash, Secret Tale, Wingsong, Ivy.

New MLP season 4 ponies = 7 Princess Ivy, Princesss Morning Glory, Princess Twinkle Star, Princess Crystal, Lady Lightheart, Lady Cupcake, Dronning Sunsparkle.

New MLP season 5 ponies = 13 Sweet Berry, Sunsparkle, Hip Holly, Merry Momments, Princess Silver Swirl, Princess Trixibelle, Lady Moonshine, Lady Sky Skimmer, Princess Morning Glory, Lady Sky Skimmer & Princess Sweetberry, Princess Morning Glory & Prince Clever Clover.

New MLP season 6 ponies = 17 Flitter, Dash & Dart, Dreamer & Drifter, Jewel & Sparkle, Giggles & Wiggles, Sunsparkle & Sunbeam, Sweet Berry & Honeyberry, Lightheart & Tickle Heart, Princess Goldenlight, Princess Silver Rain.

New MLP season 7 ponies = 14 Princess Twinkle Star & Baby Twinkles, Ivy & Baby Fern, Sky Skimmer & Baby Flour, Morning Glory & Baby Dew, Polka & Dot, Sweetheart & Trueheart, Fire & Flame.

Mc Donald's Ponies = 5 USA lightheart, Morning Glory, Princess Silver Swirl, Sunsparkle, Sweetberry.

Plush ponier = 8 Lickety-split, Baby Lickety-split, Parasol, Dainty Dove, Sweetberry, Ivy, Lightheart, Sky Skimmer.

My Little Puppy, Bunny & Kitty = 2 Dalmatinian Dots, Sweet Spanial.

Petite Ponies = 17 Yellow w/blue, pizza Orangew/aqua, pizza All pink, pizza Purple w/ yellow, mirror Yellow w/ white, mirror Reflection (Aqua w/yellow, mirror) Pink w/ aqua, comb and brush White w/ pink, comb and brush Blue w/ pink, comb and brush Pink w/ yellow, alarm clock Yellow w/ purple, alarm clock Blue w/ pink, alarm clock Puddles Flurry Whirly Topper Magic Star.

This is my personal collection. NONE of these ponies are for trade or sale.

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