This is where I show off the most valueable parts of my collection. *BIG smile*

Here is pretty Dabbles. She is one of the Pretty Mane ponies (sadly the only one I own ). I found her at a fleamarket a few years ago.

Cute little Clipper was offered with the mail order sparkle ponies. I found him at a fleamarket on my birthday!

Here comes the bride! Oh, I LOVE my wedding ponies! Lavender Satin `n Lace was bought off Lily4CC@aol.com and Clipper was recieved in a trade with Sugarberry. Thanks to you!

Look! The German-early-UK-babies-something, AKA Baby Hopscotch and Baby Honeycomb! I got them both in a big pony herd I bought through an add in Den Blå Avis.

Here is gorgeous Sweet Clover with a lot of her acessories. I actually own Rosette w/ all acessories too, but I have to take a pic of her. Sweet Clover and acessories came from various flea markets.

Kneel for their majesties! The all mint 1st season Princess Ponies have nearly all their accessories and UK dragons. I got them in a very big herd through Den Blå Avis, and the sellers told me that they'd belonged to their grandchild, who only played with them when she was visiting her grandparents! What a lucky child!

Why should newborns be the only twins? Lemon Drop have 2 babies, to the left her UK baby (got her at a fleamarket) and tho the right her German baby (recieved in a trade with Locket ). Thanks, Locket!

TAF babies... the reason I got cheated.
If it wasn't for that @#€$% Amanda Sicole, I would've owned 5 now, insted of just 3. (Read the whole story at my Bad Traders Page). Well, at least I have them I have. Baby Up, up and Away was recieved in a trade with? (I can't remember who traded me Baby Up, up and Away. If it was you, please email me ), Baby Sweet Tooth came from j-kuhlman@att.net and Baby Love Melody is from Lily4CC@aol.com. Thanks all!

Lovely Lil' Sweetcake...Yes, I know she has pink marks on her legs and face, but I love her anyway. Lil' Sweetcake was recieved in a trade with Sharon H.. Thanks, Shar!

Cute little Baby Cherries Jubilee is chatting with the 2nd pard of my Bad Trader problem, Baby Buttons. Baby Cherries Jubilee was recieved in the same herd as the Princess Ponies and Baby Buttons come from the same herd as Baby Hopscotch and Baby Honeycomb.

Not actually a pony, but this UK Loving Families playset Trolley and Rattle (what a title!) is my only MOC MLP item.

7 birthflowers in bloom! I love the alternate birthflowers. Febuary, March, April, May, June, September and November have been purchased at various fleamarkets.

Who is she? Until recently, I thought she was a clever fakie, but now she have been discovered to be a greek pony. Whoever she are, this pony have no markings AT ALL and so far, I have only seen one more copy of this pony.

Let's go back!

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