There is a few discussions going on here in ponyland, and, belive it or not, some of them can make normally so tolerant and friendly ponies fiering angry. Everypony has their opinions, and so do I, even though I am too young to be taken serious (say the adults).

My Opinion about:

The New MLP

This a discussion that I think should be over by now. The new MLP are only sold in a few european countries, and since about 98% of all MLP collector live eighter in the UK or the US, the new MLP are practically gone.
I am lucky to live in one of the few contries where the new MLP are still sold, but even here, the line seems like it is at it's end. Yes, I said lucky, because I like the new MLP. They are sometime rather crazy (i.e. the light-up ones), but they're cute too. I think I like the new MLP because I'm a 90's child, and I grew up with much wierder toys than the new MLP.
But I completely tolerate that people have opinions that differ from mine.


Personally, I don't collect ponies MOC. Most of all because I think that they are BORING when not loose. On the other hand, I wouldn't buy a MOC MLP to open it (okay, so I've done that with two Megan & Pony wear set. But they were outfits, not ponies). I think that if there is some ponies who would like to have MOC ponies, then let them buy them. I see no reason to buy a MOC MLP item and open it, except it is an outfit or a playset that you can't find loose and complete. Just let them who like them have the MOC ponies, folks!


I don't really like eBay. The prizes are crazy. Some of the ponies I can find over here for about $1 each are sold for $2-300 each! Not many studens or childern can pay that. And what are you actually paying hundreds of $ for? A piece of plastic, that is! (Actually, the mane reason I don't buy on eBay is that I can't take the suspence. And then this reason...)

Dealers who ship to the US only

GRRRRR! This is the one thing that make me really mad! Imagine this: You have been looking for a specific pony (let's say it's Seashell), you look at eBay, and what do you see? An auction named "Mint Seashell, really cheap". You go to the auction page, the price is 0.50$, the pony IS really mint, the seller has a rating of 400+, noone has bid yet and the auction is ending in 1 minute. Perfect! But, just as you are to click the "place bid" button, you see a little label which read: "seller won't ship to you because you live where you live". AAARRRGGGHH!!!
This is the terror of an european pony collector's life. Why can't the seller ship to me? I am paying the shipment, not her! The same thing with internet stores. They are selling the items for half the prize they are sold for in european stores. Why musn't I buy? It is not logical at all! If the stores are interested in selliŽng their items, why don't they offer them to everyone? It seems like they don't want customers. The only internet store I know ships everywhere is Amazon.com.
*This is maybe more of a rant. I must create a rants page*

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