Baby Berrytown's Tradelist, Continued

UK Ponies

Name Condition
UK Applejack 1 Near mint
UK Applejack 2 Tail rust
UK Applejack 3 First 6 plugs of mane cut
UK Applejack 4 Custom bait. Smooze, mohawk, marks, tail cut
UK Confetti Near mint
Kiss Curl 1 made in china Near mint
Kiss Curl 2 made in china Faded hair
Kiss Curl 3 made in china Rattles
Rosette* Surface dirt, hair is dry and messy
Sweet Clover* Mane shortened, cut in one ear
Love Letter * Blue mark near right front foot
Candy Kisses 1* Black streak on right symbol
Candy Kisses 2* Black streaks around right symbol
Jazzie 1* Missing one wheel, doesn't work anymore
Jazzie 2 Missing 5 wheels, small marks on !st left leg and mouth, frizz at hair ends
Starlight Horrible!Dry hair, tail rust, black marks,
black in ears, over eyes, in nose
and in mouth. All four feet have been cut in,
one ear was cut off and glued back.
Mommy pony + babies* Doesn't work anymore, hair is messy, black mark on back.
Blue baby is rubbed badley.
Baby Berrytown* Faint purple stain on the inside of right
back leg, right hip and tummy
Baby Pictures* Surface dirt
Baby Susie* Near mint
Baby Sunbright* Orange "lipstick", tail rust
NC Mommy Apple Delight Forelock cut, eye rubs, body yellowed, messy hair
NC Sundance Near mint
Princess Morning Glory Messy hair. Loose, no acessories


Italy Seashell Mane cut, hair rough, purple stain in face,
a few spots, tail cut? (I'm not sure, how long
it is supposed to be)
Italy Blossom 1 Rattles, tail cut, a few spots, penpoint holes
Italy Blossom 2 Faded to grey, brown mark on head
Italy Bow Tie 1 A few spots
Italy Bow Tie 2 rough hair
Italy Bow Tie 3 Greenish in color, blush and freckles
Italy Applejack Frizz at tail end, mane shortened, first 5 plugs of mane cut
Italy Windy Tail frizz, faint streak on left backleg
Italy Bubbles Missing some hair plugs in her neck
Italy Lemon Drop Tail rust, tail frizz, purple streak
on her tummy
Italy Sunbeam! Glue plamache on her neck,
faded green symbols
Italy Peachy 1 Light frizz at tail end
Italy Peachy 2 Messy hair
Italy Peachy 3 Rough hair, symbol rubs, loose head
Italy Peachy 4 of mane shortened
Italy Peachy 5 Bad frizz, tail cut, lots of marks
Italy Peachy 6 (Ack! There's SIX of them!) A few marks. Light surface dirt
Italy Cotton Candy! Messy hair, tummy has a factory flaw

Playset Acessories

Playset Pieces for Trade
Pretty Parlour Parlour, Twinkles, basket, strap, briddle,
reins, saddle, brush, hat,
bonnet, tags!
Show Stable Flags! , bed, saddle, briddle, reins,
trophies, ribbons ("2nd" and "3rd")! ,
fences, A-jump! , posts to pole jump, Brandy
Dream Castle Spike, jumping hoops, damsel hat,
mirror bottom, one flag
Perfume Puff Palace Cabinet
Scrub-a-dub Tub Shower cap, soap
Bed & Crib set Bed, crib, shelf, vase, one tulip,
Prize Day Ask!
UK Kitchen Near Complete Kitchen only missing 2 plates
(I would like to trade this one for another
near complete playset).Loose acessories: ask!
Ask for conditions

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