Baby Berrytown's Trade List, continued

Pony Wear

Outfit Pieces for trade
Pony Royal Cape, shoes, crown
Great Skates Blanket, skates, saddle
Sweet Dreams Pajamas, cap, shoes
Flashprance Dress, purse, shoes
Pony Luv Dress, cap, pants, shoes
Party Time Dress, shoes, hat
Lights, Camera, Action Boa, shoes, mask
Hearts and Candy Dress, shoes
From the Designer Collection Dress, shoes, earrings
Something Old, Something New Dress, shoes
Sweetness and Lace Dress, shoes
Sunday Stroll Mommy's dress, mommy's shoes
Sun `n Fun Mommy's bikini, mommy's hat, baby's hat
Ready for Rainbows Mommy's coat, mommy's hat
Pony Workout Mommy's shoes
Prima Ballerina Mommy's leotard, baby's leotard,
mommy's legwarmers, baby's legwarmers,
mommy's skirt, mommy's shoes, baby's shoes
Snow Angels Mommy's dress, baby's dress, baby's hat,
mommy's skates, baby's skates
Overalls Overalls, doll pal, cap, shoes
Dragon Suit Dragon suit
Bunny Suit Bunny suit, bunny pal
Sunsuit Suit, bonnet, shoes
Jumper Jumper, shoes, kitty pal
Snowsuit Snowsuit, snowman pal
Clown suit Clown suit, mask, clown pal, shoes
Partytime outfit (UK) Dress
UK outfit Dress
Pony Packs Tiara, necklace, mask, 1 earring
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Other Items

Group Items
Danish MLP Books Small ones: yellow, pink, orange.
Medium ones: "Puslinge-piraterne"
Clip-on Jewellery Ask!
Jewellery box Blue or pink
Videos MLP The movie- Danish dubbed VHS
Games "My Little Pony og Drømmeslottet"
- danish board game
Princess Acessories Purple damsel hat with stars and moons design and yellow ribbons, Green wand (I'd prefer to trade these items for other princess acessories, I don't have)
Non MLP items CPK PVC poseable, Baby Bear Keyper,
Gloworm - Soft little squaker with card,
Pocket Popple - Prize Popple, Pocket Popple-
Puffball Popple mint on Cribsy Popple's card
Ask for conditions!

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