Axes and Innovations of the middle Ages

Although most people think of the medieval times as ‘’The Dark Ages”, there were amazing innovations in politics, medieval weapons and arts during that particular time. Medieval weapons were commonly used in the middle ages including swords, daggers, axes, and ninja weapons among others. There were numerous weapons created during this period of constant mayhem and warfare. A medieval battle axe and the knight sword were commonly used in warfare in the middle ages. They were created bigger and stronger to take down castles.

On the other hand, pole arms were also essential weapons in warfare, but the most popular weapons are the battle axes and swords. They offer spectacular leverage in close combat, and versatility as well depending on the stretch of the handle. In addition, other weapons such as halberds and spears were also used to throw the enemies from their horses. In the middle Ages, warriors and knights used different kind of weapons in battle, depending on the type of combat situation that faced them. For instance, if they found themselves in close combat then they would need medieval battle axes and swords.

Medieval weapons are very efficient in close battle since they are used to attack the enemy in rapid succession. This is the reasons why axes and swords were popularly used to solve battlefield problems. With all the innovations in medieval weapons and armory, the middle ages were definitely an exciting period in history. Through all the battle and victories, honor and power stayed alive in the medieval society.