My wife and I have been actively searching for my birth family for about 7 years. While we made a lot of progress in those years, we had been at a brick wall for about the last 2 years. The brick wall was not having a last name. We tried everything to find out that vital piece of information, but we could not get it.

We finally decided to pay a reputable private investigation firm. We had heard of Kinsolving Investigations about 2 years ago and had considered using them but changed our mind at the last minute.

Well in January 2002 we decided that we were going with Kinsolving Investigations. Upon signing the contract with them, they had our case solved within a week! What we could not obtain in over 7 years, they did in less than a week! On January 29th our search was complete.

We can't tell you how excited we were when we received the information. There was sorrow and there was joy. The sorrow to learn that my birth mother had passed away in 1995. The sorrow to learn that she lived locally here in Virginia. The sorrow that my birth father had died back in 1973 in a fire in California at the age of 43. The joy to learn that my birth sister Denise was alive and well and lives only 30 minutes away and my brother Jim lives here locally also. The joy of now knowing that I was born Raymond Leo Tartar.

My sister and I have met and our reunion is going well. I have not met my brother as of yet.

Good luck to all of you searching. Don't ever give up!


About Kinsolving:We will say that when you first hear of their fee, you think it is a lot of money, however, let us say that first off, they have a no find no fee policy, so if they decide to take your case, you pay nothing up front. You only pay if they find. The best thing as in our case was, you don't have to have a name. Some things you can't put a price on. By the time you pay a little here and a little there and still don't have all you need, you could have gone with them and had your case solved. Chris Lee is who we dealt with at Kinsolving. She is wonderful and kept us informed of their progress every step of the way. So when you are at that brick wall or you are finally at the point where you are considering hiring someone to do the search for you, we only recommend Chris Lee at Kinsolving Investigations.

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