Treasure Your Love Forever

I have seen my world in her eyes for quiet some time now. She is the one I love waking up to every morning and the last  thing I see at night is her beautiful face. The love I have for her is so strong and true that I hate the thought of ever losing her. This woman I speak of is my loving and beautiful wife Mitzy Kay Lasseigne. She has brought so much love and compassion into my life. I also have another love his name is Phillip Ray Luther, he is my loving and caring husband, to which Mitzy is also married to. His love for me is very strong and true. He is always there for me in my time of need. The loves I have I will treasure for the rest of my life. I have never been loved so much by two people other than my parents.
Our worlds are very different, but then again they are very much the same.The love that we have for each other is very strong, true,and honest. Sometimes at night I lay awake and watch them sleep and than God for each and everyday I have them by my side. My world is full of love, and peace. My family is very special to me and I cherish them very much. My two best friends in this world are my husband and wife, because they are always there for me when I need someone to lean on, and to talk to about anything I have on my mind. It is very hard for me to talk to anyone about my problems, it is still kinda hard to talk to them, but they make it so easy for me. So if you love someone, let them know how much you really do love them. Whether it be your parents, or grandparents, or even if its just a friend, life is to short, not to let someone know you love and care for them. You see I lost my grandmother when I was 15, and she knew how much I loved her, but I don't think I showed her enough, atleast I didn't think so. A year later I lost my bestfriend Jessica, and I still think about them alot, and miss them very much. Thats is why I show both my husband and wife how much I do care for them and love them, because I don't want to lose them and go through life blaming myself for not showing them all my love. I want to be the one that grows old with them. I feel like the richest woman in the world, because I have something that no amount of money could ever buy, and that is love. If you could be as rich as I am you would be as happy as  I am too.

This is dedicated to Phillip and Kay my true loves in my life. I Thank both of you for being here for me. I love you both.

Love Angel
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