The Once in a Lifetime Love

Once in a life time, you find that special someone to love  and care for. In my lifetime I have found the two most special people in my life.Yes, it is odd to say to have a husband and a wife, but it's true my life wouldn't be complete without them. I have not one but two worlds that my whole life revolves around and I could not be happier. Like a wise friend once told me  hold on to the two people you have, because your life will be nothing without them. You know what Samm you are totally right thanks. Both my husband and my wife are the two best friends anyone could ever ask for in life.
I'm loved by not one but two people, how lucky can one person be in a lifetime, not as lucky as me, I bet my life on that. No amount of money could ever replace the love I have for these two people.You know they say "Money isn't everything" which that is true cause I believe it with all my heart. My husband is the most gentle man you will ever meet in your life, he would give you the shirt off his back, if he knew it would help you in any kind of way. My wife is the same way, but in a sence these two people are alot different, he is a crowd pleaser and she is one that would rather stay home and curl up to a good book or a romantic movie. But in the same way they are alot alike, very kind, giving, caring, loving, and most of all very honest, which in my book is the ultimate way to be. Both are very loyal and very trusting. The one other thing they have in common is me, they both love me with all their hearts and show it as well, they both love each other the same way. So you see my world is filled with love, peace, and harmony, there is no one in this world  who is luckier than I am. Oct. 5, 1996 and Dec. 9, 2000
I was made the most happiest woman alive , on Oct. 5, 1996 I was made the proud wife of
Phillip R. luther
On Dec. 9, 2000 I was made the proud wife of
Mitzy Kay Lasseigne
So you see my world is a very unusally place but a very happy place. I have found the once in a life time love. Don't you wish you could be me.

Angel M. Luther

The person I have mentioned in here Samm is one of my best and deariest friends, she has taught me alot about life and, has taught me alot about love and friendship.
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