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My name is Angel Luther, I was born in the city of New Orleans, on May 26, 1970. I'm from a small parish called Delicroix Island, in Southern Louisiana, I now live in Metairie. I'm the one on the left. The one on the right is my beautiful wife, Mitzy Kay. The picture on the right is of my wonderful husband and wife. We got married on December 9, 2000. My life has been very good so far, being loved by the two most wonderful people in the world is a great feeling.  The one in the middle is Markus Storm, who was bornn on April 28, 2002.  He is our beautiful son and has made my life even more wonderful. My life is filled with love, compassion, and trust, you can't find that in most marriages, or for that fact in most relationships. I have what I call " A once in a life time love". My wonderful husband (Phillip Luther) is a one of a kind man. He is filled with lots of  laughter, compassion, and most of all love. Men like him don't exist anymore. When we first got married October 5, 1996, he promised to love and cherish me for a life time, and he hasn't broken that promise yet. So you see my life is full of love and laughter. My husband, my wife and my son are my entire life.
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