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Welcome to the best new game on the internet!  All About Horses (AAH) was started in 1992 on classic Prodigy's Young Pet Lovers bulletin board.   Years have passed, but AAH is back in all its glory.  The game is slightly changed, but it's better than ever.  Hopefully we can bring the new, improved version of AAH to the same success it had on Prodigy. 

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News and Updates

January 31, 2004 - AAH is temporarily offline. My computer died and with it went all the AAH records. I am attempting to recreate the site and all records. More information will follow. I hope to have the site up and running again as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience in the last month. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Thank you for your understanding!!!

January 11, 2004 – AAH is back online. The events, horses for sale and new members areas have been updated.

December 30, 2003 – Results of today’s show are posted in the Upcoming Events area. Also, just a quick note that I will be offline until January 12. (Relocating out of state and that’s when my internet will be hooked up.) I will try to find somewhere to update the site for shows, but in case that doesn’t happen, everything will be updated on January 12. Sorry for any inconvenience that causes anyone!

December 25, 2003 – Results of yesterday’s Christmas show are posted in the Upcoming Events area. The next show is December 30. Also, welcome to several new players of AAH. The new members page has been updated with your horses and the registration deadlines. Existing members, check to see if you have any new horses to register. Oh and most importantly: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :-D

December 19, 2003 – Results of today’s Pre-Christmas show are in! The next show is December 24. Remember, the high-point owner in this show will win a generated horse!

December 17, 2003 – Several more horses were posted in the sale ring. Check them out! The Vet Clinic, Farrier’s Shed, Point Standings and Bank pages have been updated as well. Be sure to enter the many shows posted on the Upcoming Events page.

December 13, 2003 – There are now several horses for sale! These are listed here. The next two members to register their horses (check the New Members page to see if you have any horses to register) will get a free horse. Also, the high point owner in the upcoming December 19, 2003 show will win a new generated horse from AAH. Enter away and good luck!


Questions?  Comments?

If you have any questions or comments regarding AAH, please email the game.  AAH is owned by and this page is maintained by Steph (the original founder of AAH on classic Prodigy).  She last updated this site on Friday, December 19, 2003.

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