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Hello - I'm Alexx, and this is going to be my web site, when I get round to doing anything with it that it!

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I've just lately got sucked in by Games Workshop, and I'm going to build a Warhammer Lizardmen Army.

Why I ike Lizardmen:

It's those damn Skinks

Skinks are small, agile, intelligent creatures bred by the Old Ones from the giant amphibious creatures of the Lustrian Swamps. The Skinks have a natural affinity to water, and can swim swiftly through the jungle swamps and rivers, often staying submerged for up to an hour before launching an ambush and melting back into the jungle.

I've got my Codex now, and the new Lustria Book (thanks to Battle Heaven), and I have no idea how many hours of my life I have already lost painting and building!

I'm trying to save up for the new Lizardman Battalion that's come out this year - but at £50.00 I might have to hold on for a bit. But look what you get;

The Lizardmen Battalion is a good start for any Lizardmen Host, or a great additionto an existing army. The Lizardmen Battalion contains two regiments of Saurus (12 figures each), a regiment of Cold One Cavalry (8 figures) and 24 Skinks.

OK, so that means I have 3 lots of saurus regiments, but I figure I'll paint each set differently. He ones I have are bright blue and yellow with gold. I'm thinking that I might have some which are red and plue, like the strawberry poison dart frog. I'm not sure about the third set yet.

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