Title: Sex? Whats that?

summary: Yamcha teaches Goku all about sex. ^_~

warnings: male x male, shota,

disclaimers: not mine

~ ~

Goku balanced on his tail, watching as Bulma glared at Yamcha before taking off yelling into the Kame House. He shrugged, carefreely watching a crab scuttle back up its palm tree he had been knocked down from when Bulma slammed the door shut. Bulma was always yelling at Yamcha. Goku shifted his gaze towards the lounge chairs that Master Roshi and Krillin were in, both looking at magazines. Yamcha came to stand beside him and Goku couldn't help the question. "Why are you and Bulma always fighting?"

"She takes things the wrong way." Yamcha's cheeks burnt crimson.

"Like what?" Goku asked, cocking his head to the side like a dog and imploringly stare at Yamcha with the ever present curiousity alight in his eyes.

"Do you know what sex is Goku?" Yamcha asked, knowing that the younger boy was naive and innocent to most of the world despite his formidable strength.

"Um..." Goku raised a brow, shaking his head. He'd heard Master Roshi speak of it to Krillin but he'd never asked what it meant. If it was imporant for him to know then they would have told him without his inquiring.

Yamcha face faulted. He didnt know what sex was?! "Do you know how babies are born?"

"Pods," Goku stated proudly.

"P..P..Pods?" Where was that boy from?!

"Grandpa said that he found me in a pod and took me home with him."

"Well, you weren't born from a pod, I can tell you that much for sure." Yamcha glanced at the Kame house and then at Krillin and Roshi. Secure that no one would miss them too much, Yamcha said, "I think its time you had a lesson about life. Come on, we should go somewhere private."

"O...kay..." Goku blinked at Yamcha. "Kinto'Un!" He called his nimbus cloud. With Yamcha's arms wrapped around his waist, they took off for another island close by. Stepping off he furrowed his brows and gazed at Yamcha suspiciously. "Why are we here?"

"I didnt think you'd want to have Krillin making fun of you for not knowing. They'll just think we've gone fishing."

"Why would Krillin make fun of me?"

Yamcha sighed. This was going to take a lot longer than he'd planned. "I'm going to tell you about sex." Goku made himself comfortable on the grass, knowing that this might be a long story. "Babies come from when a man and woman have sex."

"Man and woman?"

"Yes." Yamcha sweatdropped. Perhaps he shouldn't tell Goku if he didnt even know the difference between male and female. "I'm a man, Bulma's a woman."

"Whats the difference?"

Flushing with embarrassment, Yamcha launched into the explanation. "Girls have breasts." Goku was blank. "Have you seen Bulma without clothes on?" Goku nodded. "The lumps you saw on her chest are her breasts." Yamcha refrained from saying the slang terms for the word.

"Oh. Okay."

"Girls have completely different systems. They have a vagina and clitoris for sex."

Goku pursed his lips. "And what do boys have?"

"Goku, you know how you go to the bathroom?"


"Thats your penis. That goes into the woman's vagina and the sperm swims into the egg cells of the woman and makes a baby."

"So, thats sex?

"Well, there are different kinds."

"What kinds?"

Yamcha laughed nervously, Goku staring up at him as if he were some sort of teacher. "There's gay sex."

"Whats that?"

"Two men have sex except one of the man sticks his penis into the other man's ass hole."

Goku's eyes went wide. "Wouldn't that hurt?"

"Yeah but one is usually stretched and lubricated."

"Whats that mean?"

"Uh, either the man sticks his fingers inside coated with lotion or something else until the man thinks there's enough room or they use some type of toy."


"A dildo or butt plug. A dildo is shaped just like an erect penis-"

Goku hmmed. "What do you mean erect?"

'Of course. He's never had a perverted thought in his life.' Yamcha thought for a minute. "When a boy thinks about sex, his penis usually grows because of desire. It's like an ache or an itch that just needs to be scratched and you have to do something about it. Has that ever happened to you?"

"No. So why would someone want to put a toy penis into their butt?"

"For boys, there's a gland back there deep inside that's called a prostrate and lots of pleasure can come from it."

"Pleasure? Whats that like?"

"Its hard to describe but it feels really, really good. Cumming, which is when the pleasure becomes too much and the boy climaxes, can come from different ways. There's sex, masturbation, and sucking."

"What are masturbation and sucking?"

Yamcha sank to the ground, finding that his little conversation with Goku was making his hormones act up. There was no way Goku would notice. "Masturbating is when the boy touches his penis to cum and sucking is when someone's mouth is used like a hand on the penis."

"I see." Goku frowned. Sex seemed to be very complicated. He wasn't sure what the terms meant. "I dont understand."

Yamcha blinked at Goku. "What dont you understand?"

"Well, can you show me?"

"SHOW YOU?!" Yamcha was bewildered. Show Goku what sex was? "Are you sure about that Goku? Do you know what you're asking?"

"No, not really but I want to know."

"It might not work on you Goku because I'm a boy and most boys dont become erect around other boys."


"Sometimes they do though. We could try..."

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