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~ Beauvais St. Jemme ~

Marie Louise Beauvais, daughter of Joseph Beauvais and Marie Louise Toups, was my great-great-great-grandmother, and she was married to Louis Marcel (Marcellin) Falgout, grandson of the surgeon, Louis Marcel Falgoust. The grandmother of Marie Louise Beauvais, Marie Jeanne Fauche, was the owner and builder in 1795 of present-day Homeplace Plantation home in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. Marie Louise Fauche was married to Raphael Beauvais, son of Jean-Baptiste Beauvais, of the Illinois country, whose roots go back to Canada and France.

Excellent Internet resources for the Beauvais families are The Beauvais Surname Page and Descendants of Jacques Beauvais.

The following is excerpted from my book,
Falgoust: A History and Genealogy of the Falgoust and Falgout Families  of France and Louisiana - 1555-1988, Copyright © 1988 by Barbara Allen, Metairie, LA, 1988. (Note: this is copyrighted material, so please don't re-publish in whole or in part unless you ask my permission.)

According to the files accumulated by Jacques-Henri Fabien, an Ottawa genealogist, when he was preparing the various indices to parish registers, which he published (Fabien Index MG25, No. 231), and which are on file at the Public Archives of Canada, we can trace the French origin of the family, Beauvais St. Jemme, to the Department of Orne, region of Perche, France. This region lies northwest of Paris, about midway between the Ile de France and Normandy.

The first known of the Beauvais name was Francois Beauvais, of the Orne region, who was married to Marie Tichot. Gabriel Beauvais, the son of Francois Beauvais and Marie Tichot, married around 1622 to Marie Crevier (or Crosnier).

Jacques Beauvais, son of Gabriel Beauvais and Marie Crevier (or Cronière), was baptized on November 22, 1623 at St. Martin d'Ige Church, Orne, Perche, France. He came to New France, and settled at Montreal around the 1640's. On January 7, 1654, at Notre Dame Church in Montreal, he married Jeanne Solde. Jeanne, born in 1632, was the daughter of Martin Solde and Julienne LePotier of LaFleche, Angers, France. Jacques Beauvais died on March 20 1691 at Montreal (ref. French Canadian Ancestors)

Jacques Beauvais was known variously in the Canadian records as Jacques Beauvais dit St.-Jeme, Jacques Beauvais St.-Jemme, and Jacques Beauvais St.-Geme. His descendants in Illinois and Louisiana carried the appelation, St. Jemme, down through several generations. We do not know if this was a name used by the family in France, or if Jacques, like many of his contemporaries, adopted the name when he came to New France.

The children of Jacques Beauvais St. Jemme and Jeanne Solde were all baptized at Notre Dame Church in Montreal:

1.  Raphael Beauvais, my ancestor, was baptized October 15, 1654. He married on May
     24, 1683 to Elizabeth (Isabelle) Turpin, the daughter of Pierre Alexandre Turpin and
     Catherine d'Lor.

2.  Barbe Beauvais, baptized on August 29, 1656, married at Montreal on July 11, 1672
     to Francois Brunet dit Le Bourbonnois.

3.  Marguerite Beauvais, baptized August 30, 1658, married on October 9, 1675 to
     Jacques Tetu.

4.  Jean Beauvais, baptized September 26, 1660, died about 1662.

5.  Jean-Baptiste Beauvais, baptized October 7, 1662, married on November 12, 1697 at
     Bastican to Madeleine Lemoine, daughter of Jean Lemoine and Madeleine Chavigny.

6.  Jacques Beauvais, baptized December 13, 1664, died on August 14, 1671.

7.  Marie Charlotte Beauvais, baptized June 26, 1667, married at Montreal on October
     30, 1684 to Pierre Alexandre Turpin, widower of Catherine d'Lor (see No. 1). Marie
     Charlotte died on December 25, 1700, and she was buried at Notre Dame Church the
     same day. Pierre Alexandre Turpin, born in 1641, married for a third time on
     February 26, 1702, in Montreal, to Marie Gauthier, daughter of Pierre Gauthier and
     Charlotte Roussel. He died before 1709, possibly in Detroit.

8.  Estienette Beauvais, baptized September 21, 1669, married on June 14, 1688 to Jean
     Baptiste Pottier.

9.  Jeanne Beauvais, baptized January 15, 1673, married on December 19, 1695 to
     Guillaume Boucher. She died on February 6, 1703.

Raphael Beauvais St. Jeme, the first child of Jacques Beauvais and Jeanne Solde, and Elizabeth Turpin, his wife, had the following children, all baptized at Montreal:

1.  Marie Anne Beauvais, baptized April 2, 1684, married on May 19, 1704 to Antoine

2.  Elizabeth Beauvais, baptized August 14, 1687, died on January 2, 1689.

3.  Jeanne Beauvais, baptized January 21, 1691.

4.  Elizabeth Beauvais, baptized January 6, 1693.

5.  Marie Louise Beauvais, baptized September 3, 1695.

6.  Jean Baptiste Beauvais, our ancestor, married Marie Louise LaCroix.

7.  Charles Beauvais, baptized January 21, 1700.

8.  Joseph Beauvais, baptized November 8, 1703.

9.  Raphael Beauvais, baptized April 20, 1705, married on February 5, 1737 to Catherine
     Alarie, daughter of Jacques Alarie and Marie Jeanne, an Illinois Indian, and widow of
     Philippe Outellas. Raphael married for a second time on June 4, 1762 to Francoise, an
     Indian, the widow of Joseph Seguin of Baucherville.

Jean Baptiste Beauvais, the sixth child of Raphael Beauvais and Elizabeth Turpin, was baptized at Montreal on May 11, 1698. He married in 1725 to Marie Louise LaCroix, daughter of Francois LaCroix (No. 3) and Barbe Montminy, or Monmainier, of Quebec. Francois (No. 3), the son of Francois Lacroix (No. 2) and Anne Gagne, was born on the 17th, and was baptized on May 28, 1677, in Beaupre. He married in 1701 to Barbe Montminy. Information on this branch of the family was provided by Linda Knecht of Lafayette.

Francois Lacroix (No. 2) was listed as 25 years old on the census of 1666, at Beaupre, 26 years old on the census of 1667, and 42 years old, domestique of Pierre Gagnon, on the census of 1681. He had a first marriage to Marguerite Drouin, daughter of Robert Drouin and Marie Chapelier, which was annulled (File No. 1668, Notary, Aubert). He married on September 11, 1670, at Beaupre, to Anne Gagne, daughter of Louis Gagne and Marie Michel (File No. 24_08, Aubert). Francois Lacroix, age 68 years, died on the 27th, and was buried on August 28, 1710 at Beaupre. Anne died after 1723 at Beaupre.

Francois Lacroix (No. 2) was the son of Francois Lacroix (No. 1) and Jeanne Huot of Estouteville-Ecalles, archdiocese of Rouen, Normandy, department of Seine-Maritime.

The father of Barbe Montminy was Charles Montminy dit Jouvent, from the city and archdiocese of Rouen in Normandy, department of Seine-Maritime. Charles Montminy died on the 3rd and was buried on July 4, 1716, in Beaupre. He was age 45 years on the census of 1681, at the seminary of Quebec on January 2, 1677, and at Pointe au Trembles, Quebec on October 12, 1679. Charles Montminy, a master armorer and serrurier (iron worker), married around 1655, in Rouen, to Marguerite Auollee. She did not come to Canada. Charles had two children by his first marriage. Marie Montminy was an Ursuline nun, Sister St. Cecile. She was listed at Quebec as a novice on April 21, 1680, and she professed her vows on November 25, 1682. Barbe Montminy, born around 1674, was 17 years old for the 1691 census, and she married in 1691 to Jean Mercier. She had a second marriage to Francois Lacroix, our ancestor. Charles Montminy married a second time to Marie Poulin, widow of Julien Mercier.

According to a book entitled Illinois Historical Collections, housed in the Louisiana State Museum Library in New Orleans, Jean Baptiste Beauvais and his brother, Raphael Beauvais, went to Kaskaskia, Illinois from Montreal in 1725. The book further states that the Beauvais dit St.-Jeme (or St.-Gemme) family was one of the wealthiest and most important families in Kaskaskia. To quote from the book: "At the time of Clark's (the English) occupation of Kaskaskia, Raphael and Charles (sons of Jean Baptiste Beauvais and Marie Louise LaCroix) were residents of New Orleans. The Beauvais family was not counted among those favorable to the American cause. For some reason no representative of the family was elected at the first election of judges, but that was corrected in the second election, after which a member of the family was always in the magistracy. The Beauvais family held on to their possessions in Kaskaskia as long as possible, but finally, like their associates, they were driven to the Spanish side. Their descendants are living today in Ste. Genevieve."

According to records in the archives of St. Genevieve, Jean Baptiste Beauvais St. Jemme died on April 15, 1773; copies of his and his wife's successions, written in Spanish and French were in the possession of Linda Knecht and this author in 1988, but have not been translated. An inventory of the estate of Marie Louise LaCroix was made on May 4, 1790. At the time of her death, she owned a house and lot next to the presbytery of the church at Kaskaskia, and a lot in the prairies of Kaskaskia (St. Genevieve, Estates, 22, 1790). Their children were:

1.  Raphael Beauvais, our ancestor, married to Marie Jeanne Fauche.

2.  Antoine Beauvais.

3.  Charles Beauvais was married to Marie Francoise Riche. Charles was buried at
     Pointe Coupee on November 30, 1803.

4.  Vital Beauvais.

5.  Jean Baptiste St. Geme Beauvais, married to Marie Therese Monbrun de La
     Soudray, daughter of Pierre Monbrun de La Soudray.

6.  Marie Jeanne Beauvais married to Rene LeMoine Despains (or Despines).

7.  Marie Louise Beauvais married to Paul Trotier Belcour Desruisseaux.

Raphael Beauvais, married in 1760, in New Orleans, to Marie Jeanne Fauche, and the record of his marriage was entered in Baptismal Register IV (1759_1762), Pg. 60, Act 43, of the St. Louis Church, as follows:

In the year of seventeen hundred and sixty, and the sixth of October, after pnel, her father and mother, of the other part, there being no civil or canonical impediment to this marriage, I, the undersigned, received the mutual conublishing one bann of marriage, with no impediments, joined Raphael Beauvais St. Jemme, a native of the parish of Notre Dame of Kaskaskia, legitimate son of Jean Baptiste St. Gemme and of Louise LaCroix, his father and mother, of the first part, and Marie Jeanne Faucher, native of this parish, legitimate daughter of the deceased Guillaume Faucher and Marie Quessent and have given the Nuptial Benediction in the presence of signed witnesses, having received the dispensation of the other two banns for good and valuable reasons, and witnesses signing being Sieur St. Ceran, Lemoine and others who have signed with me the above day and year as given." (Signed: F. Prosper (cure); Raphael Beauvais St. Jemme; Marie Jeanne Fauche; D. Braux)

Somewhat later, probably during the following summer, possibly in 1762, the newlyweds made their way upriver. The baptism record on a child in June, 1762 at Kaskaskia states that the child was born "on the Mississippi". The couple then baptized several other children at Kaskaskia from 1762 to 1773. One record is found at St. Genevieve, Missouri, in 1766, indicating that the couple moved back and forth from Kaskaskia.

Probably as an attempt to escape the hostilities of the land-hungry Anglo-Americans and their equally warlike Indian allies, the Beauvais family traveled downriver to the German Coast in the mid-1700's, like many of their neighbors who were residents of the upper Mississippi River settlements.

In January, 1777, Raphael Beauvais purchased 9 arpents of land in St. Charles Parish from Francois Cheval. Raphael died before January 29, 1781, when Marie Jeanne Fauche was referred to as the "Widow Beauvais" (sale by Pierre Lorio to Louis Due of a farm bounded above by the property of the "Widow Beauvais", and below by land of the vendor, St. Charles, No. 397).

Marie Jeanne married again, before May 10, 1783, to Pierre Gaillard. On that date, Act 550 in the St. Charles Parish Courthouse records the remission of the inventory made following the death of Raphael Beauvais. The inventory was presented by Pierre Gaillard and his wife, Marie Jeanne Fauche. The inventory included a house and two pieces of land in New Orleans on the corner of Dauphine and St. Anne Streets. They petitioned the court to have this property sold, and permission was granted.

Pierre Gaillard died before June 8, 1799. Act 931 of that date records that Marie Jeanne Fauche, Widow Pierre Gaillard, entered into an agreement with her son, Joseph Beauvais, to oversee her farm for one-fourth of the harvest.

For the 1804 census of St. Charles Parish, the Widow Gaillard was living on an 11-arpent farm which was bounded above by the farm of Andre Edelmayer and below by the 12-arpent farm of Barran, on which lived Jarrot Gerrant. With the Widow Gaillard lived "his son", "his daughter-in-law", "a grandson" and "two granddaughters". It is not known if these were Marie Jeanne's children and grandchildren, or those of her husband, Pierre Gaillard, by a previous marriage. The Widow Gaillard owned 24 slaves, and the farm produced 20,000 lbs. of sugar; 9 bbls. of molasses; 100 bbls. of rice; 250 bbls. of corn; and 20 bbls. of peas. The Widow Gaillard was also part owner with one Meullion of another plantation in St. Charles Parish. This plantation produced 2,000 lbs. of sugar; 9 bbls. of molasses; 100 bbls. of rice; 250 bbls. of corn; and 20 bbls. of peas.

Between the years 1785 and 1791, Pierre Gaillard, or his widow, built "Home Place" Plantation, which still stands in Hahnville, in St. Charles Parish. The family tradition of the Fortier family of Louisiana claims that Home Place was built by Louis Edmond Fortier for his new bride in 1803. The St. Charles Parish records state, however, that Edmond Fortier did not acquire this property until 1806, when he purchased it from the Widow Gaillard. Architects who have studied the home in detail believe it was built for Pierre Gaillard or his widow, between 1785 and 1791, and that it was built by the same mulatto, Charles, who built Destrehan Plantation for Robin deLogny in 1787.

On February 25, 1806, Guillaume Beauvais, possessing power of attorney from his mother, Marie Fauche, Widow Gaillard, sold a farm 11 arpents wide by a fenced depth, located about 22.5 miles above New Orleans, bounded above by Delery and below by property belonging to Widow Gaillard. Included in the sale were 29 slaves and some animals. Edmond Fortier paid $45,000 for the property (St. Charles/St. Jean Baptiste, No. 24). The home later came into the possession of the Keller family, whose descendants still live there.

On May 3, 1970, Interior Secretary Walter J. Hickel, under President Richard M. Nixon, designated Home Place Plantation as a national historical landmark. It was described as a "fine and very slightly altered example of the French Colonial raised cottage". In contrast to its contemporary, Destrehan Plantation, situated across the river, Home Place today shows signs of age and deterioration, and begs for restoration from someone with the means and interest to do so.

Marie Jeanne Fauche died in New Orleans, and she was buried in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, in a grave with her grandaughter's family, that of Raphael Toledano. The original entablature with her name, "Vve. Raphael Beauvais," shown in a photograph at the Historic New Orleans Collection in their cemetery survey, has been replaced by one marked "Blache."

The original  of Marie Jeanne Fauche's last will and testament, with signatures, was researched in 1984 by me in the notarial acts of Christopher de Armas, year 1821, in the Notarial Archives at New Orleans. It gives the names of five generations. The record was translated by Elton Oubre, as follows:

In front of Christoval de Armas, Notary Public, at the residence in New Orleans, in the presence of the witnesses hereafter named and undersigned, was present Dame Marie Fauche, widow of a first marriage to the deceased Sieur Raphael Beauvais, and in a second marriage to the deceased Sieur Pierre Gaillard, the said dame appearing residing at the Faubourg St. Marie close to New Orleans, of the age of about eighty-five years of age, native of New Orleans, legitimate daughter of the deceased Sieur Guillaume Fauche and the deceased Dame Marie Quennel, her father and mother, deceased, which said appearing dame whom the hereafter named undersigned witnesses found in a house to her belonging, situated at the said Faubourg St. Marie on Magazine Street, between Girod and Poydras Streets, in a room of the said house, the said appearing lady was lying in a bed, sick in body but sound in spirit, memory and hearing, as it appeared to the said notary and undersigned witnesses and she required the said notary to receive her testament which she dictated to him as it follows.

I declare I am named Marie Fauche, widow, of the age, nativity, and legitimacy, as stated above, and married legitimately in a first marriage to deceased Sieur Raphael Bauvais and in a second and last marriage to the deceased Sieur Pierre Gaillard, of which first marriage, there remains to me two children, being Antoine, properly Raphael Antoine Bauvais, about fifty-five to fifty-six years old, residing in the Faubourg Marigny, close to New Orleans, and Guillaume Bauvais, about forty-five years of age, resident of the parish of Lafourche Interior in this state, and also a granddaughter named Louise Bauvais, about twenty years old, legitimate daughter of my deceased son Joseph Bauvais and of Dame Louise Toups, Widow Bauvais, resident of the same parish of Lafourche Interior, and another, my grandson, named Jean Baptiste Baussier, about thirty, legitimate son of deceased Jean Baptiste Baussier Pere and deceased Marie Bauvais, my legitimate daughter, and the said grandson Jean Baptiste Baussier resides actually at Cascasias, state of Illinois, United States of America, and finally two others, my great-grandchildren named one Ema Troscler, about fourteen, and the other Amelie Troscler, about ten, both legitimate children of the deceased Pierre Troscler and deceased Melanie Baussier, the last being the daughter of the deceased Marie Bauvais, my daughter, both great-grandchildren, Ema Troscler and Amelie Troscler, residents of the parish of St. Charles in this state, under the care of the Sieur Francois Troxclair, their uncle and tutor.

I declare having no child of my second and last marriage. I also declare having regulated the succession of my first husband and of having given to each heir his respective part. I declare owing no debts to anyone and it is owed to me by Mr. J. M. Fortier, resident of New Orleans, the sum of $12,000 on a note underwritten by him under date of May 10th last and payable of May 7, 1822, under the order of Mr. Edmond Fortier, and by him endorsed, for this sum that I loaned to him and which note is among my papers and was shown to the notary and undersigned witnesses. I declare as my only possessions besides the above mentioned sum due by Mr. J. M. Fortier, first  - a tract of land and the buildings thereon, situated in Faubourg St. Marie, Magazine Street, measuring 60 feet on that street by 160 feet in depth, on which I actually reside; second - a negress named Manon, about twenty-seven years old and her three children, named Henriette, negress, about eight, Marie Louise, also negress, about six, and the third and last named Catherine, a nursing infant of one; third - the sum of $800 in bank notes, in my possession in a small box in my armoire; fourth - sixteen silver coins, of various values, a soup spoon and two other spoons of the same metal; finally, the furnishings of my residence, clothes and furniture for my usage and of my household, all of which will be known to my testamentary executor, hereafter named.

I give and bequeath to my granddaughter, Aimee Bauvais, wife of Sieur Raphael Toledano, daughter of my son, Guillaume Bauvais, the sum of $150, which will be counted to her, due to her husband, in the current money of the state, to be given to her by my testamentary executor immediately after my death.

I name my above named son, Guillaume Bauvais, as my testamentary executor, resident of Lafourche Interior, and I authorize him to do all necessary relative to my succession.

I name as my unique and universal heirs in equal portions my above named two children, Raphael Antoine and Guillaume Bauvais, and my named grandchildren and great-grandchildren as representatives of their deceased fathers or mothers. I annul and revoke all other testaments and cordials that I may have made before this present one which is my last one and contains my last wishes.

This testament was dictated to the undersigned notary who wrote it down in his own hand as dictated in the presence of the undersigned witnesses and immediately without digression to other acts, and the said notary read it aloud in the presence of the same witnesses and the said dame and this last declared that she heard, understood and persevered.

Done and passed at Faubourg St. Marie, in the above designated house, July 23, 1821, the forty sixth year of the American Independence, in the presence of Sieurs Rene Louis Dunoyer, Jean Preau, and Jean Baptiste Destrac Cazenave, required witnesses, residents of this parish, who after the reading, signed with the dame and notary above named.

(Signed: Marie Fauche Widow Bauvais, Dunoyer, Jean Preau, Jean Baptiste Destrac Cazenave, Christov. De Armas, not. pub.)


In front of Christoval de Armas, notary public, at residence, New Orleans, State of Louisiana in the United States of America, in the presence of witnesses undersigned, appeared Marie Fauche, widow of the first marriage to Raphael Bauvais, and second to Pierre Gaillard, residing at Faubourg St. Marie of this city, who made a donation to Dame Aimee Bauvais, her granddaughter, wife of Raphael Toledano, assisted and authorized by him, also residents of Faubourg St. Marie, the said Dame Toledano accepts the donation for herself, her heirs and representatives, of a negresse named Zelime, eleven, belonging to the donator from having been born in her possession from her negresse slave named Manon, in order that the said Zelime will be provided for until an age when she can be freed as hereafter described.

The donation is made under conditions of a mortgage regardless of sale, donation, move to a country where freedom is not allowed, until the required formalities have been done to give liberty to the said Zelime. Until that date, if the said Zelime has had children, they will be placed in the possession of the mother Zelime by another donation, pure and simple, by the Dame Toledano, her heirs or representatives, etc., in the following form. The present donation is made on the part of the donator - first, to give to the Dame Toledano proof of her love, friendship, and affection - second, to recognize and recompense the good services that the negresse Manon has provided to this date. Yesterday, the donator in her testament received by the undersigned notary omitted all mention of the negresse Zelime, object of the present donation, because she intended to provide today for this donation and to give new proof to her said negresse Manon of her affection - - such is her wishes and she, the donator, declares also being guided by a particular attachment she has contracted for the said Zelime since her infancy who has since then been occupied to sell her the small services which she offered in her zeal and which the feebleness of her young age permitted.

Under the certification of the mortgage conservator of this city, under today's date, there are no mortgages against the said donator and on the negresse Zelime, object of this donation.

Done and passed at the home of the donator - Faubourg St. Marie, Magazine Street - between Girod and Poydras, by the notary undersigned, July 24, 1821, the 46th of the American Independence, in the presence of Rene Louis Dunoyer, Jean Baptiste Destrac Cazenave, witnesses, residents of this city, who signed after a reading of the act, with the donator, the donatee, her husband and the undersigned notary.

The following information on the children and descendants of Raphael Beauvais and Marie Jeanne Fauche was gathered from research done by: Linda Knecht, from records in the archives at Quebec, microfilmed records of Kaskaskia and St. Genevieve, with translations by Elton Oubre; by the author; and by Lynne Hotard Donewar.

1. Jean Baptiste Beauvais' baptism record from Kaskaskia is as follows:

The 6th June (1762), I supplemented the ceremonies of baptism on a son born of the eleventh of the month of May last on the Mississippi, and baptized (ondoye) because of the danger of death, born of the legitimate marriage of Raphael Beauvais and of Marie Jeanne Faucher, who was named Jean Baptiste. The godfather was Jean Baptiste Beauvais, and the godmother was Marie Louise Lacroix, his wife, who do not know how to sign and who have made their mark to this entry. (Signed: Oubert, Jesuit; (X) mark of the godmother; (X) mark of the godfather)

Jean Baptiste was not mentioned in his mother's last will and testament, and he apparently died without heirs.

2. Raphael Antoine Beauvais was baptized at Kaskaskia, as follows:

The 10th January, 1764, I supplemented the ceremonies of baptism on a son born of the legitimate marriage of Raphael Beauvais and of Marie Jeanne Faucher who had been baptized (ondoye) on the 3rd January, the date of his birth. The godfather was Antoine Beauvais, and the godmother was the Widow Deliste. He was named Raphael. (Signed: Antoine Beauvais; Widow Deliste; Oubert, Jesuit) (Note: Ondoye meant that the child was in danger of death at birth and was baptized by a lay person.)

According to acts in the Jefferson Parish Courthouse, Raphael Beauvais purchased in the 1830's land making up part of "The Cottage Plantation" from Gustave Bouligny, in what is now the Uptown section of New Orleans. Raphael Beauvais was residing in the Faubourg Marigny, below New Orleans, at the time of his mother's death.

3. Joseph Beauvais, the father of Marie Louise Beauvais, was born at St. Genevieve, Missouri on September 25, 1766. He married to Marie Louise Toups.

4. Marie Jeanne Beauvais' baptism from Kaskaskia is as follows:

The year 1768, the 20th day of the month of March, I undersigned missionary priest, vicar general of Kaskaskias, Bishop of Quebec, have baptized without conditions a daughter born the 25th of February last of the legitimate marriage of Raphael Beauvais and of Marie Jeanne Faucher, her father and mother, inhabitants of this parish. She was named Marie Jeanne. The godfather was Paul Des Ruineaud, and the godmother Marie Louise Beauvais, all of this parish, who have signed.

Marie Jeanne Beauvais married to Jean Baptiste Bossier. Act 1519 in the St. Charles Parish Courthouse, dated November 24, 1798 records that Marie Jeanne Foucher, Widow Pierre Gaillard, declared that she received from Francois Bossier, resident of Natchitoches, a sum of 456 piastres due from the estate of her late daughter, Marie Jeanne Beauvais, wife of the late Jean Baptiste Bossier, who died at Natchitoches. Her children were named in the last testament of Marie Jeanne Faucher.

Their daughter, Marie Pelagie Melanie Bossier, born at Natchitoches on December 31, 1786, was baptized January 21, 1787. Her godfather was Joseph St. Geme (Beauvais). Marie Pelagie Melanie Bossier married Pierre Troxler, and her children were Emma Troxler and Amelie Troxler. Marie Bonne-Emma Troxler married Judge Joaquin Bermudez in St. Charles Parish on October 26, 1824.

Jean Baptiste Bossier, the son of Marie Jeanne Beauvais and Jean Baptiste Bossier, was a resident of Kaskaskia, Illinois when his grandmother, Marie Jeanne Fauche, made her last will and testament in 1821.

5.  Marie Therese St. Gemme Beauvais was born on March 20, 1768. She apparently
     died as an infant, as another child of that name was baptized in 1770.

6.  Therese St. Gemme Beauvais was born at Kaskaskia on May 4, 1770. She was not
      named in her mother's testament.

7.  Louis Beauvais, born at Kaskaskia on January 3, 1772, was not named in his
     mother's testament.

8.  Pierre St. Gemme Beauvais was born on May 1, 1773 at Kaskaskia. He also was not
     named in his mother's testament.

9.  Guillaume Beauvais, born around 1776, married to Aimee Haydel, the daughter of
     George Haydel and Marie Jacobine LeRoux. He became a resident of Lafourche
     Parish, where he owned land near the St. Charles community.

Joseph Beauvais, the son of Raphael Beauvais St. Jeme and Marie Jeanne Fauche, married during the 1790's to Marie Louise Toups, the daughter of Paul Toups and Marie Louise Lamare. Joseph and Marie Louise lived on Marie Jeanne's plantation. Joseph died in 1800 in St. Charles Parish, and left two small children, St. Geme, age 3 years, and Marie Louise, age 18 months, in the care of their mother.

In 1802, Marie Louise Toups married again, to her first cousin, George Toups, the son of Louis Toups and Francoise Haydel. On October 7, 1802, George Toups requested a dispensation to marry with his first cousin, Marie Louise Toups, the widow of Joseph Beauvais. That record, translated from the Spanish by Shirley Bourquard in Marriage Dispensations in the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas: 1786-1803, reads as follows:

October 7, 1802: to Father Thomas Hassett, New Orleans, La. Narciso Broutin, notary: George Toups, 22, of the First German Coast requests dispensation to marry Maria Louisa Toups. He is the son of Luis Toups and Francisca Aydel. Maria is the daughter of Pablo Toups and Maria Louisa Lemaire and widow of Joseph Beauvais with two children. George's father and Maria's father are sons of Federico Toups and Maria Leroux (sic) so they are related in the second grade. George is an orphan and Maria's mother is dead. They are very poor. Most of the inhabitants of this coast are related.

The grandmother of George Toups and Marie Louise Toups was erroneously stated in the above document to be Marie Leroux. She was in fact Anna Barbara Streumpfl, daughter of the German immigrant, Andreas Streumpfl, and his wife, Catherine Keim (St. Charles, Acts 82, 315, 324, 1573, and 1742). Frederick Toups, the father of Louis Toups and Paul Toups, was the son of the German immigrant, Caspar Dubs, and his first wife, Anna Margaretha Hedinger.

The last name of Marie Louise Lamare, the mother of Marie Louise Toups, has been consistently and erroneously translated by some researchers as "Lemaire", and interpreted as being a variation of the family name, Edelmayer. The fact is that Marie Louise Lamare was baptized at the St. Louis Church in New Orleans, and her baptism record reads:

This year of 1754 and the 21st of June, I, the undersigned priest, baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the church Marie Louise, daughter born of the legitimate marriage of Jean Francois Lamare, shoemaker, and of Marie Louise Manciere, his wife. The godfather being Maurice Leveque, and the godmother, Marie Poulir, who have signed with me the day and year as above. (Signed: Morise; Lamare; Marie Poulain; F. Dagobert, Cap. Cure)

Jean Francois Lamare signed the above document as "Lamare", and he had no connection with the Edelmayer family. He died before March 30, 1761, when his widow, Marie Louise Manciere, married at Pointe Coupee to Guillaume Paillet. Her parents were listed in her marriage document as Pierre Manciere and Marie Louise Fleuriche. Eleven years later, on January 14, 1772, Marie Louise Manciere died at New Orleans, and she was interred in the cemetery of the St. Louis Church the same day by Father F. Ferdinand, vicar of the church (Page 1, Book of Funerals, 1772-1790).

On March 21, 1772, Guillaume Paillet sold to Francois Pertuit a farm at the German Coast, described as being 5 arpents, located 20 miles above New Orleans, on the right descending side of the river, bounded above by the property of Henry Edelmayer, and below by Sieur Frederic, for 2100 livres.

The commandant at the German Coast, Scimars de Bellile, ordered an inventory of the community property of Guillaume Payet (Paillet) dit Dauphine and his late wife, Marie Louise Manciere, so that Paillet could settle with his stepchildren. The inventory was taken on April 2, 1772, and it named the children of Marie Louise Manciere and her late first husband, Jean Francois Lamare: Antoinette Lamare, wife of Joseph Roth; Babet Lamare, wife of Francois Morin; Marie Louise Lamare; Francoise Lamare; and Francois Lamare.

A partition of Marie Louise Manciere's estate was made, and on December 6, 1772, Paul Toups, husband of Marie Louise Lamare, accepted the amount due her from the succession of her mother.

Paul Toups and Louis Toups were the brothers of Charlotte Toups, wife of Hypolite (Pol) Chauvin. Marie Louise Toups and her second husband, George Toups, were the first cousins of the Chauvin sisters, Marie Marguerite, married to George Falgout, and Marie Melanie, married to Pierre Champagne. The author, Neil Toups, in his otherwise excellent compilation of the descendants of Caspar Dubs, The Toups Clan And How It All Began, failed to list Charlotte, Frederic Toups' daughter, who married Hypolite (Pol) Chauvin. Charlotte Toups and Pol Chauvin were the progenitors of most of the Chauvin families of the parishes of Lafourche and Terrebonne.

In his last will and testament, dated August 11, 1801, Paul Toups declared that he was a native of New Orleans, first sergeant of the second company of grenadiers of the militia, and the son of Frederic Toups and Barbe Striffle (Streumpfl). He further declared that he was married to Marie Lamare, by whom he had three living children: Mariane, age 27, married to Antoine Frederic Matisse (Antoine Mathias Frederic); Marie Louise, age 25, widow of Joseph Beauvais; and Paul Toups fils, age 19. According to the record, abstracted in St. Charles, Paul Toups made special mention of his two Beauvais grandchildren, Saint Geme and Marie Louise (No. 1742). Paul Toups died at the German Coast on or about September 22, 1801. A public sale of the effects of the late Widow Paul Toups was held at the German Coast on February 10, 1809 (St. Charles/St. Jean Baptiste, Pg. 74, No. 10).

Paul Toups was the owner of the land where the present towns of Des Allemands, Paradis, and Bayou Gauche later developed, along present Highway 90. This tract was on a ridge of high land extending from the plantations along the river near Luling, south towards Lake Salvador, and it was called Les Coteaux de France.

Paul's daughter, Marie Louise Toups, married first to Joseph Beauvais and second to George Toups, died in Terrebonne Parish on April 26, 1842.

My descent from Gabriel Beauvais and Marie Crevier is as follows:

1. Gabriel Beauvais and Marie Crevier
2. Jacques Beauvais and Jeanne Solde
3. Raphael Beauvais and Elisabeth Turpin
4. Jean-Baptiste Beauvais St. Jemme and Marie Louise LaCroix
5. Raphael Beauvais and Marie Jeanne Fauche
6. Joseph Beauvais and Marie Louise Toups
7. Marie Louise Beauvais and Marcellin Falgout
8. Marcellin Falgout and Eliza Champagne
9. Pierre Arsene Falgout and Odillia Savoie
10. Joseph Marcellin Falgout and Lillianne Eloise Champagne
11. Berthille Marie Falgout and Lee Peter Lottinger
12. Barbara Ann Lottinger

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