Fun Facts:
Zuchy  is . . .
Zuchy is a girl, and he prefers male Burt. But she's generally friendly.
A loveable, sweet vizsla who gets lots of attention for being so cute.She was born in 1997, so she is still young .Her hair is classified as apricot, and she belongs to me, Laura.
She has lots of nicknames, like Zac, Zaker, and Zuka- Bazuka, Pitica.
She can sit, lie, shake paws, and jump, especially if you have food.
She tries to go everywhere with me,especially by car.
Zuchy lives in Bucharest,Romania in a house with me.She likes to lick my hand. She also sniffs everything when he goes on walks. She has a raggedy old teddy bear that she likes to wrangle with her teeth.She likes Milkbone treats, but he likes people food better.
Neat Links:
Email  Zuchy!
Likes: Dislikes:
Zuchy and her sister
- male humans, especially my dad

- long naps

- her toys

- sticking her head out the car window

-water, baths
- going to the vet

- noises spaces

- when she is left alone

-when the cat  eats  her food
-taking pills

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