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Welcome! Japanese stuff has always been one of my favorite subjects and taking the mickey is as well. So since I got hold of some scripts and changed them...please have a look and enjoy yourself (you might want to print the scripts out as they are rather long and I don't expect you to stay on my page very long). I add new stories regularly to keep my site fresh, so check back often! Also I am about to start my own story or two and it will not be a parody or a script so please give it a try!!

One last thing before you wander off....PLEASE sign my guestbook as no one is doing so and I would like to know what you all think of my stories so far!!! Thanx!!!

p.s. I know this page already exists at www.geocities.com/Area51/Portal/9180, but I am the original author of that page and now I cannot get access to it, so I am recreating it and expanding it here!


New Stories!!!

29th September 2003

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