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I will be adding more real soon!

Be sure to check this out it is the best free site for desktops that I have ever seen. Fantastic!

  Get cut of during a download this little program will resume where it left off.
Monster Downloads

Tucows is a cool place to get
desk top themes and more
FTP downloads  If your looking for an ftp to get you
 web pages on the web well here are many different
ones to chose from. I personally recommend the
 FTP Commander.

This is my favorite spot to get
free-ware & share-ware, lots of
downloads to choose from!

This neat little program helps you zip up files and unzip downloaded files. No computer should be without it.
Music Match Jukebox This is a nice way to keep track of your music. It is a library and player all in one.
Family Software Spot
Here's a neat little spot to visit. Includes downloads for your desktop appearance, educational, games and more .

A great spot to find free gaming
 downloads and more

This is where you can get internet
to make viewing the web a
pleasant experience.


Great place to find and share free music.


Microsoft Office Update
Download patches, addins and more fantastic little resource.

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