What You'll Find Here Are Links To
Web Cards, Screensavers, Music & More!!

All the card links on this page are "send a greeting FREE",
including mine,
so go ahead check them out



Would you like to send a card to you on-line friends, well this is the place to be. 
Click on the "send a card" link and away you go. 
To return to this page just click on my logo,

Send a Card

If someone has sent you a card and you would like to view it.
 Click on the "view a card" link, type in the card number that was supplied
 in your e-mail notifying you of your card and there it will be. 

View a Card



Here are some more card links to try,

But don't forget to try my link!

Web Cards
These are really neat pages, (a lot of them too!),
that have sayings and pictures with music,
something nice to view and send to a friend.
Really worth your time and a look!
You will not be disappointed at link4u.com


E-Mail Cards
This link is a mighty good link for cards too.
Interactive 3D greetings.
Send a post card or a greeting card at Expressit.com

Interactive Greetings
This site has not only cards
but also 3D gifts and digital hugs and kisses.
Some really cool stuff to send your friends and family
from this site at Bluemountain.com

This is a neat music link; so go ahead check it out!
This page has some newer music and oldies.




Here are some Free graphics worth a look at!

I found some of my backgrounds for my pages here.



Find some Great Screensavers and desktop themes here:
At Tucows

I visit here often!



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