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Be sure to check out all the pages you'll find many different subjects to cruise through!
I do have one page that I am especially proud of and that is on my family picture pages.
Titled "Dedication - Brother"

Looking for Web cards & Screensavers?
Here you will find my favorite screensaver
links. And some web cards that are really
cool. “Fun to surf through” Web cards is
really cool you'll see applets that are really
neat to send to your on line friends. One
of my favorite places to visit. Don't forget

 to check out Z-Cards that's my site.

How about some great sports links?  
Here is where you'll find links to NFL
(love that football), NASCAR if you
have a favorite driver you’re sure to
find them on this link. There are also
links to Hunting and Fishing. I'll be
adding more so be sure to come back
 and take a look from time to time.

Don't make him cry!  See how you can help!

 Click on the snowman above
to see how you can help.

Ilion Fish & Game Club
under construction.  
Here is a
real neat project I am undergoing

right now when I get it together
this will be a good one. My
and I run 3-D Archery Shoots at this
Club. And being that I get into this
web making this will be a fantastic
challenge for me.

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Here are some more of my own pages:
 Family Picture Pages
 Genealogy Page
Here is where you will find downloads to games and software
This is what I will call my Web Posters
Disclaimer page

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