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   Yurals Art is the artists studio, owned by Yury Lisyak. This site represents artists portfolio and description of provided services. Yury Lisyak specializes on a computer-generated art, digital illustration and graphic design. All represented artworks here are computer generated, created by different methods: 3D rendering, hand drawing (by using drawing tablet) and vector drawing. Notice, all artworks in the Hand drawing section are actually drawn, without usage of special computer features, like Photoshop filters, etc. There are several themes: sci-fi, children's illustrations, cartoons, b/w drawings, greetings cards and others. In a future will available some works made by traditional method (on a paper).

   Yurals art provides services on a graphic design and custom illustration for clients in worldwide. List of services and average prices are in the Artworks section, subsection Graphic design (click here for quick transition). If you want to read feedback from previous customers please refer to the Feedback section. There you can also leave message in the guest book. For purchasing any artwork or making an order please contact artist via

   Hope you will enjoy.

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In the Retro Style
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Dogs in City
Building Trust in Transactions (tm)
Building Trust in Transactons (tm)
Next update upon completing new artworks

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