Hi there and welcome to my friends' page. Below is a poem That poem goes out to all who have been there for me, for all those people who have known just what to say to put a smile on my face, for all of those who have put up with me and my endless problems, for all those, I thank you! 

Best Friends

Through all the tears, through all the years, You've stood right by my side. Through all the fights and sleepless nights, You were there when I cried. When I was depressed and only you could have guessed what I needed to hear. And when I couldn't explain how I felt this pain, you made all the confusion seem clear. We may both change our live may be rearranged our friendship will always stay clear. One day we will look back at these rhymes and realize that we will always be by each others side because one thing that will never end is our friendship to the end!

Shannon 90'

Debbie T, Sheryl B, Linda M, Tracy P, Tracy D, Kim, Jody, Tammy N, Jennie D, Mike, Nancy A, Barbara P, Barbra, Copperr, Bonnie, Barbara C, Ruth, Penny, Mike, Dragmom, Hopalong, DaintyRed, Beckie, Tudie, MistyeRose, Julie, Trish, Corkie, Linda, Diane, Kathy M, Kathy & Jim,  Ralph, Suzanne, MaGumby, TxsGal, Maggie,Lady Amethyst and to all of you who aren't listed you are not forgotten I thank you all for everything you have ever done!!


Kim C - Girl, I don't even know where to start with you. You have been by my side for almost 3 years and who would have known how deep our friendship would run with just the day we first said hello, Funny how things work out, I wouldn't trade it for the world though. Thank You for always being there for me no matter what the issue, or just when I needed to talk even on a good day. {{hugs}}

Debbie & Leonard - You two have loved and helped me out for the last 3 years with everything, and I mean everything. Down to the occasionally kick in the butt when I needed it down to the virtual slaps of reality too! I thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart. Words will never say it enough.

Debbie B - Hmm....Where to begin, I could go on forever *S*   Well first of all a warm hug and a thank you for listening to me and helping me from day one with everything. You are such a sweet, kind, loving, caring person. Till I get to hug you in real life (and we will!!) these cyber hugs are going to have to do *S* {{hugs}}

MsAbby - Hmm. Where to start with you *EG* . You have always met a lot to me. All those nights at your house staying up all night long and sometimes all weekend long, I will never forget, they were so grand! And you know I still say you did a Fantabulous job raising Jess, I couldn't have asked for a better friend in her, or in you for that matter(Nenner I won so there, this is in permanent writing *BEG*) Thanks for everything. Until we get to see each other again (I am bound and determined to) Love you and I promise not to sneak up on you or cross dress on ya (inside joke you had to be there) It's in writing! *S*

I would like to give a special thanks to one person who has helped me with a lot of things involving web pages. She is a great lady and has taught me a lot about web pages. Not to mention she is just plain friendly and is always stopping to chat with me if I msg her.  She is a great community leader and deserves the credit!! Thanks for everything TammieBug You are one in a million girl {{hugs}}


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