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3/22/05: Added a ficlet that was written while I was a bit out of my beware. Also added a nice little link to go pre-order JoA season 1 DVDs. Some are saying the chances of a third season might rely heavily on the sales of the DVDs. So go, pre-order, I command you!

3/13/05: Changed the layout a bit, especially in the fanart section. Added some fanart and a new fic, Jumping To Conclusions.

1/15/05: Two new fics now up, Pretty Paper of Doom (hehe, title makes me giggle!) and Unity, my belated V-day gift to everyone.

1/30/05: Check out the fancy new layout! Fun stuff. I know I have gone through 3 in like 2 months, but I get bored with this kind of stuff easily. Enjoy it while it lasts! lol.

1/29/05: Wow, over a month without updates. Okay, thats sort of a lie, considering Mystery Girl is now complete. I just sort of forgot to mention it, lol. Anyways, thats there, as well as chapter 4 of What If. Of course I didn't forget about poor old What If, it was just... gathering dust for a while. Also added a graphic and a new fanifc, Sweat.

12/27/04: Added my newest fanfic, Mystery Girl. Finally I get around to writing a L/G fic! Its already been up on for a while, but there is a little extra I added that isn't on yet ;-). It is my favorite one so far. Its also why What If has not been updated...sorry! I even have graphics up in in the Fanart section (yes I put those up first, lol), so if you like the story, check them out!

12/26/04: New Layout! I know its kind of crazy to have a new one already, but I really needed it, the other one just wasn't working for me! And I added a Fanart section as well.

12/13/04: Official opening of the site! My fanfic is already posted on, but I wanted my own site too... so here it is. I am hoping to eventually expand this to being a music video site as well. I have made them, I just can't put them up. So for now its just fanfic. I am starting with 4, and it will hopefully grow!

Disclaimer: I do not own Joan of Arcadia. I cannot claim any right to the show or any of its characters. I merely am borrowing the characters, storylines, etc for the purposes of a fansite. This site is in no way official or approved by Barbara Hall or CBS.
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