The Renee Majcomb Page
dedicated to the non-mutant militant chic
"Laws written on paper cannot undo years of ingrained social behavior."
Real Name: Renee Majcomb
Aliases: none
Group Affiliation: The Bipartisan Rebel Battalion
and the Xavier Mutant Underground
X.M.U. teamates: Gabriella Haller,
Sabra, Yukio, Louis St. Croix,
Thomas Corsi and Nancy Alter
Allies: Professor Xavier and Beast
Foes: The Genoshan Mutates,
The Genoshan humans,
Genoshan magistrates,
Phillip Moreau, Jennifer Ransome
and the Sugar Man.

Bio: Renee Maycomb is a biogenetisist like McCoy and a colleage of Charles Xavier. She appeared in the Bloodties sega in Genosha as the leader of a group called the Bipartisan Rebel Battalion and was explained to be an old colleage of Xavier's. The Bipartisan Rebel Battalion was formed to stop the mutates and humans of Genosha from slaughtering each other. She was later on revealed to be a member of Xaviers Mutant Underground which he formed as a safe guard for his X-Men. Renee appeared again in the X-books when she discovered the experiments of the Sugar Man in Genosha. She was aided in escaping from Genosha by Cable when the Sugar Man found out. Renee returns to Gensoha and doctors a passport so she can fly from Genosha to the U.S. She was captured by magistrates and was about to be digitized and sent back to Genosha. Cable, Domino and Shatterstar save Renee from the magistrates. After being saved from First Strike, Bastion and Harper in Louisiana Renee chose to remain their to work on the legacy virus until a cure was found by S.H.I.E.L.D. Nina rescued Xavier from the Hulk Buster base after Valier Cooper was ordered by the government to arrest him following the Onslaught event. Nina was given to Renee by Xavier to take care of. Nina was later kidnapped by Cebebro. Renee Majcomb helped the X-Men find her she also fashioned a neck brace for Colossus after the X-Men battled a construct of Cerebro's. Nina was then given back to Renee's care until her fellow Maanites abducted her. (All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright (c) 1941-2001 Marvel Characters, Inc. and used with permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

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