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With 14 days remaining until The King of the Ring what will the main event be?

WWF Newz for Saturday 10th June 2000........

Wecome to WWF newz & rumors.  I'm back once again for another round up of all the happenings in the fed over the last 7 days.  So sit back, don't go anywhere and enjoy......................

So here we are 2 weeks away from KotR and still no main event has been announced.  One thing is for sure though,  I can guaran-damn-tee you that we will see The Rock, Kane, Triple H and The Undertaker in the main event.  The way the WWF are setting things up it looks to me that we may see a six man tag match pitting Helmsley and Vince & Shane McMahon against The Rock, Undi' and Kane.  What I see happening is Vince McMahon will sense the dissension between the 3 faces and will force them to team up together.  In another twist to the plot he may say the first man to pin either himself, Shane or HHH will be deamed the undisputed #1 contender to the WWF Title.  This would be very interesting to see as it could cause more dissension between Rocky, 'Taker and 'The Big Red Machine'.  What I am trying to say is that infighting may occur between the 3 during the match over who is gonna get the pinfall.  This could cost them the match and all 3 of them a title shot.  Hey it's pure speculation but I think it sounds quite good.

The other big talking point heading into KotR is who will win the actual tournament?  For me Kurt Angle still looks firm favorite with Chris Benoit and possibly Rikishi right behind him.  I can't see Chris Jericho winning it as he does not need to.  You see the King of the Ring winner is usually given to someone as a stepping stone towards main event status and quite clearly Y2J doesn't need to win the tourny to be a main event player.  Kurt Angle on the other hand hasn't been doing much as of late and has been looking up at the lights on a number of occassions in recent weeks.  For me it looks like the WWF are saving him from getting involved to heavly in storylines so he can walk into KotR without a feud.  This would give him a clear route to the final and on to victory.
  I don't know why I said Chris Benoit would be victorious because at the mo he is embroiled in an I.C. Title feud with Y2J, Hardcore Holly and to a lesser extent Val Venis.  The only reason I can see 'The Crippler' winning it is because he is not over at all with the WWF faithful, so having him win KotR would propel him and the fans would give him more respect.
  Rikishi is a different story.  A few months ago he was looking certain to become the next big WWF main eventer, now he hasn't had a proper feud in weeks.  His character has become stale and his dance routine is getting kinda boring if you ask me.  If the fed does hand Phatu a tournament victory then look for a heel turn to refresh his character.

I can't believe it, Stephanie finally defended the, um whats that title called again?  Oh yes the Woman's Title.  After holding the title for over two months Steph finally put the gold up for grabs by sucessfully defending it against Lita on Smackdown!  Even though Mrs McMahon Helmssley was successful in defending the title look for Lita to be given another shot in the near future which she will win.

Speaking of the lovely Lita we are seeing more evidence of an alliance between herself and The Hardy Boyz.  Lita is extremely popular and having her manage the Hardys would give her more exposure.  It could also act as a platform for her to go onto even bigger things.

There have been many rumours over the last few days that the WWF has banned wrestlers from executing DDT's or any Piledriver type maneuvers.  Apparently this is because of serious injuries to several grapplers, including Steve Austin, over the last  few years.  This is sensible as it is for the wrestlers safety but surely the DDT is a safe move?  It is one of the most commonly used maneuvers and I have never heard of any pro getting injure as a result of the DDT.  This is a rumour so watch WWF programming over the next few weeks to see if any superstars execute these moves.

Back to King of the Ring newz.  It looks like we will see a Dudley Boyz vs DX rematch at the PPV with some suggesting that it may be a flaming tables match!  Now that really would be something!  But can you really see either Road Dogg or X-Pick taking a major bump through a flaming table?  I VERY surprised to see one or both of them take a bump like that.  But if they do then respect is due.  (That was poetic! Damn I'm good!)  Also Tori WILL go through a table sooner or latter, it is only a matter of time before Buh Buh Ray gets the job done and if the rumoured match I just talked about does happen at KotR then June 25th may be time for Tori to take a one way trip through the wood.

The WWF has finally got their man:  Brock Lesnar (the NCAA National Amateur Champion) has signed a long term development deal with the fed.  This deal is like the one Kurt Angle signed a couple of years ago.  Like Angle the WWF has high hopes for Lesnar.  You won't see him on tv soon though as the WWF won't rush any part of his training.

I have to admit as much as I love watching Triple H and The Rock kicking each other's asses if the WWF is not careful their feud may soon become stale.  The fed needs to promote the likes of Jericho and Angle over the coming months to refresh main event storylines because as much as everyone loves The Rock and HHH's matches very could become like the Hogan/Flair matches - they clash every couple of months and do the same thing every damn time.  I know this is negative but it's just the way I see it.

So Bull Buchanan and The Bossman have broke up.  Is it just me are have we seen this kinda of thing before?  Didn't The Bossman and Albert split a few months ago under the same 'mentor' 'student' situation?  Anyway now we will have to put up with a tedious Bull vs Bossman feud before Buchanan gets a good push.

Onto some notes from JR's Ross Report from WWF.com....................

Says Taka & Funaki have resigned with WWF and will be taking English classes (probably with Essa Rios).  If they resigned them then expect Taka and Funaki to play a more prominant role in the Light heavyweight division.

Billy Gunn will return around September time.  I can't wait (if you're a regular reader you will know this is sarcasm.  If not then let me take this time to tell you that I think Mr Ass is absolutely crap).  Ross also said Gunn is probably 'the best pure athlete we have in the WWF' which is complete b.s. 

Ross said Bull Buchanan will sign a new contract in the coming weeks.   JR thinks Bull has bags of potential and is in for a big push.

The Dupps and Scott Vick are still working dark matches altough they are impressing.  Said Dupps should be on tv soon while Vick needs to adjust more to the WWF style.

Now for a few notes of my own....................

Gerald Brisco must be one of the longest reigning Hardcore Champions ever!

Does Albert really have to make that awful grunting noise everytime he executes a move?  It's really starting to p*** me off.

Chris Benoit is in my view th the best wrestler in the world, and prehaps the hardest worker in the WWF.  It's just a shame that he isn't over in the slightist.

Crash Holly really is over for a Hardcore Title groupee.

Who the hell decided to bring back Patterson's skidmark underwear on Raw?

That's it for this week I'll be back again next saturday for another dose of WWF newz & rumours.  I'll be back some time tomorrow  with 'They really said that?' and more updates on most of the sections throughout the week.  Until then so-long.

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