Real Name: Warlock

Powers: Warlock is a techno-organic being, without true form but constantly changing shape. He can also approximate any organic form as well-- appearing human when necessary. Warlock's physiology is also able to survive within the vaccuum of space. When "feeding," he injects a techno-organic virus into an object, converting it into a techno-organic form like himself, and absorbing its energy into himself. Alternatively, he can absorb pure energy, like electricity from an outlet. Warlock's "mutation" is actually his passivity, unlike the war-like tendencies of the rest of his race.

History: Warlock was born of his planet's most powerful being and ruler, the Magus. Instead of participating his people's custom of battling parents to the death, Warlock fled and found himself in Xavier's mansion, sensing the Shi'ar technology's energies. Although first fighting against the New Mutants who were housed there, he soon became their friends, with Cypher (Doug Ramsey) helping to communicate with him. Later, the New Mutants helped Warlock defeat the Magus, who eventually followed him to Earth. Warlock remained beside his friends throughout his time on Earth, only one time leaving the Mutants to join the Fallen Angels with his friend Sunspot.

However, Warlock was captured during the so-called "X-tinction Agenda" and was killed in Genosha by Cameron Hodge. His ashes were scattered over the grave of Cypher, which led to the creation of the composite being, Douglock.


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