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12/13/2005 - The e3w would like to welcome our 2 newest wrestlers to the family : Savage Steve Steele, and Chris McMahon! We hope you enjoy it here! On another note, the PPV date for January has been announced as well as the location! It will be January 15, 2006 LIVE in Madison Square Garden!!! Let's kick off the new year right from NEW YORK CITY!!! We added a new pole today... Just to see what everyone wants to do about 'Christmas Week'.

12/14/2005 - The e3w goes .com!!!!! That's right everyone! This will be our last update on this website! We will leave it up so you can link yourselves to the new e3w home though! So no more updates on this site, so if you want to know the latest and greatest news about the e3w you'll have to visit our new home!

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Extreme World Wide Wrestling (e3w), welcomes you to our website. We are a fairly new e-fed, but not anywhere new to the e-fedding business. This e-fed will be a place to role-play with unique wrestlers, not stealing names and ideas from real wrestlers. This is a 'fantasy' type league, so use your imaginations for characters. Most match results will be based on role-plays, but occasionally a story line will overpower a role-play to best play out the scenario. If you have a problem with this, e-mail me and we can further discuss it. Bitching and moaning however will not be tolerated. This is for FUN! Don't take it too seriously. If you lose, you lose. Get over it. Title shots will be earned, not handed away. So if you want a title, make sure you practice, and learn what it takes to be a high quality role-player. Not everyone is going to be the World Champion, that's just the way it is. The World Title is a high profile championship, so if you want this title, you better bring your 'A' game. Originality is a very key part of role-playing. Move it around, don't just always be in the ring, or part of the arena... Take it to other places too. Be descriptive. Make us, the reader, feel like we are really there. But most of all, just have FUN! That's what this is all about afterall, isn't it? If you have any other questions, or comments just send us an e-mail.
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