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I hope you enjoy what is here, I have listed most of my bookmarks, sit back, relax and enter the world of Tarot.  There is so much information out there, if you want an instant reading try one of my links to Free Readings.  If you want to learn more about the Tarot there are quite a few links here for that.  And if you are a Tarot Reader yourself and looking for  card meanings or different spreads, I have a few of those here too.  If you have a Tarot site you would like me to link to, please email me with your web page address.  I will look at it and add it here.   Bright Blessings!!!

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An interesting site you might enjoy

Other Sites for Free Readings 

Free Online Readings, The Tarot Reader
More Free Readings Online
Fortune Telling Links to Free Online Automatic Readings
The Free Reading Network
- Free 3 card readings

The Free Tarot Network - One card readings

The World Tarot Readers  another online site for free readings
Tarot Planet - Freebies

Facade Tarot

The Spiritual Network is your guide to spiritual and psychic information on the internet! Click here to find out more!

Information and Instruction

Aeclectic Tarot - This is a great site it has tarot decks,, information, etc...

the Tarot Pack
What is the Tarot?
Learning the Tarot - An Online Course

The Tarot by Nancy Garen

The Salem Tarot Page

Learning the Spreads

Kylie's Cosmic Connection
Learning the Cards
Angel Paths

The Healing Tarot

Queen Mary's Tarot Room

Tarocci's Site
Tarot Greeting Cards
The Tarot School

Sarena's Tarot Page

Wicce's Tarot Collection

Soul Guidance
Enchanted Spirit

New to Pegasus Dreaming:
Guerrilla Tarot; Dream Article by Rosemary Ellen Guiley; You can help "Stop the Hate/Hunger/Habitat Loss;" New Short Stories; Many New Dream Poems & Authors; Two New Tarot Card Designs; XVII International Assoc. for the Study of Dreams Conf. is in Washington, DC 7/4-8. - Creatively exploring dream, poetry, and Tarot symbols so that they may inspire and nurture our deepest selves

DragonWeave Tarot Card Jewelry - Sterling silver pendants and earrings based on the Tarot card deck, with your choice of semi-precious stones. Wear your favorite lucky Tarot card!

If you would like to view some Tarot Cards, or are looking for the deck that is right for you, this is a great link.
160+ Tarot Decks

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