Well, hello, so pleased that you could stop by, I was just thinking that it was about time to have some honey.  I do hope that you like honey as much as I do.

You were saying that you would like to know all about me.  Well I would love to tell you.  My name is Edward Bear, also known as Pooh Bear,, but I am mostly  known as Winnie-the-Pooh, rather nice name don't you think?

I am one year younger than Christopher Robin, which makes me...now let me think....that makes me, yes one year younger than Christopher Robin.  I am not very tall and appear to be a little on the tubby side,  that is because I love honey just a little too much - I can touch my toes - nearly - you know. 

I live here in the 100 Aker Wood, under the name of Sanders, you would have seen that as you came through the door.  Your asking me what under the name means?  Well I asked Christopher Robin, and he asked Mr Milne, and Mr Milne said, that  I had a sign with gold letters on it and I lived under it.  So that is what that means.

My very best friend is Piglet, and he lives just down from me.  We love to do things together, we even went Woozle hunting once.

I love to play Poohsticks.   I do stoutness  exercises  early in the morning.  Thinking up Hums, poems and songs is something that I really love to do.   Visiting friends, and having honey with them is also something I love to do a lot, especially when my tummy rumbles!!!

I have been Knighted, 'Sir Pooh de Bear'  by Christopher Robin, for  discovering the North Pole. 

Are you enjoying your time here in the Wood?  I am sure you will find a lot of things to do and see.  Well I am going to my Thotful spot to think......do look around and enjoy yourself there are lots of things to do.  Have a look at a few pictures on my wall below.  Just to meet some of my friends..

Thanks for calling, please do call again.
As you can see this is when we went on the Expotition to the North Pole.  I made a little song do you want to hear it?
             " They all went of to discover the Pole,
              Owl and Piglet and Rabbit and all;
              It's a Thing you Discover, as I've been tole
              by Owl and Piglet and Rabbit and all.
              Eeyore, Christopher Robin and Pooh
              And Rabbit's relations all went too -
              And where the Pole was none of them knew....
              Sing Hey! for Owl and Rabbit and all"
I asked Christopher Robin about being a 'Knight' - he said that they were not as, as important as a King. 
I think he saw that I was  disappointed.
I asked if a Bear could be one? (a Knight) and he said that they could so he took a stick and placed it on my shoulder and Knighted me.....
After that I got up and said "Thank you" because that is the correct thing to do when someone has knighted you.

Well, this ia a very nice picture of another friend of mine, myself. and Piglet.
His name is Tigger, and he lives in his bouncy place.  You might
ask why he lives in a bouncy place?  Because he bounces that's
Tigger arrived in the Woods in the middle of the night, he said that Christopher Robin knew about him.
Anyway this picture was Tigger having his first breakfast.  I did ask him what Tiggers liked to eat; he said anything.  So we had Honey. 
I think he liked it.  I know I did, I am looking for MORE at the bottom of the pot.
I hope that you have enjoyed looking and hearing about some of my friends, I am sure that you have been, or are going to go and meet them all.  They all have something to say and you will enjoy learning so much about them.  We have had some adventures here in the 100 Aker Wood and I am sure with your help, we will continue to have many more of them. 
See you all later.......POOH
Playing hide and seek with my friends
Recently I had some New pictures taken.  I think I look rather business like in my
suit.  I am still learning how to use the phone - you know it has been said that I am a "Bear of very little brain" - so sometimes I find things a little harder to learn.
I keep on trying until I get it though...just like you should...
What do you think?
Rather smart for Pooh??
Hum de dilddle,
Hum de diz -
Spring has sprung,
The sun is 'ris,
I wonder where
The birdies is?

Just a little hum, that I thought of - I hope you like it.
This is an original drawing done by my creator, E.H. Shephard, in 1966.
Many years after the first sketches of me.
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