Best and Not So Best Catches

Do you have a picture of a good or maybe not so good catch that you would like to show the world? Well I am going to be showing some pictures of some of my catches and also catches of my fishing buddies! This also includes everyone on the web! If you have a picture that you would like for me to include just email it to me and I will post it just as soon as possible. Depending on the response I may limit the number of pictures that I show to approximately 10-20 and also limit the amount of time they are shown! Good luck and catch one to show off!!!!!!!!!

37.5 Pounds and 44 Inches Long

3 12-14" Crappie from Lake Barkley

Largemouth Bass from Iowa

Good Crappie from Laural Lake

Stringer of Bass from Norris Lake

Largest Crappie of the night......NOT!

Anthony Halcomb's Largemouth

David Motter's 7lb 4oz Cherokee Lake Largemouth Bass

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