About the Medicine Cards

This unique and powerful divination system draws upon ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals. Written by Jamie Sams and David Carson, this deck is by far the best divination system I have encountered. Readings are always upbeat, inspirational, and filled with hope!

The Magic of Animals

Our fellow creatures, the animals, exhibit habit patterns that will relay messages of healing to anyone astute enough to observe their lessons on how to live. The precious gifts of true medicine are free. Each lesson is based on one major idea or concept and, for the sake of simplicity, each animal has been asigned one of these lessons. In reality, each animal in creation has hundreds of lessons to impart, and all of those lessons are powers that can be called upon.

About Lady Wolfdreams

I have been a practicing Witch for 5 years and have been reading Medicine Cards for three of those. I have read both for myself as well as friends and family. I have also done countless readings for friends and clients online with great success. I follow a simple philosophy in my reading: I tell you what the cards and positions mean; it's up to you to apply them to your life. I never ask the question to be answered before conducting a reading. I feel that if I don't know the question, I cannot cloud the answer with my own thoughts on the matter.

About the Readings

All readings listed are complete readings using the Medicine Cards. The readings will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of purchase and will include a description of each card in the reading, the meaning of each position, and a summary of the reading as a whole.

Print copies are available at an additional cost of $3.00 if you are in the US. International orders cost double.

If you would like to purchase a reading as a gift, please contact me with details!


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