Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was a recognised incarnation, a Tibetan Abbot and fully qualified medical Lama with a special task in life. His it was to build a camera that would photograph the aura to affect a remedy which a non-clairvoyant medical practitioner could diagnose by using a chart specifically for that purpose. His second task was to reveal knowledge about the transmigration of souls between two consenting adults of sound mind. Dr Rampa had himself undergone the process of transmigration into the body of Cyril Hoskin. His tools were his clairvoyance, telepathy, medical and engineering knowledge, and his experiences.

He wrote over 20 books to earn money to carry forth his research into auric photography and those books revealed esoteric knowledge in plain, simple, terms. His many books brought to public knowledge on the science of the aura, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, meditation, hypnotism, astral travel, reincarnation and many other topics. His greater works revealed to readers the purpose of their lives, how to progress spiritually, where the pitfalls were and what qualities to encourage in themselves.

Lobsang Rampa encouraged his readers to follow the motto, "Do As You Would Be Done By" as how his readers affected others was just as important to him as how others affected his readers.

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