Welcome! now let me show you a poster.
Dragon Clyd    He's a bit differnt,lovable,and despite his
lack of flite very majical. Dare you to not auto smile when you
open this poster up!!  Heavy photo glossy satain print
( like your snap shots ) that is hand packed into a shipping tube and
A.S.A.P.to you.  
We include a Free Pair of 3-D glasses with each poster too!
     Remarkable changes happen to
Clyd with these cool glasses and they even work viewing TV !!
  Designed to respond under Black Light and a wonderful easy
to mail gift to a distant friend that will bring a smile to anybodies face-oldster or youngster
An 18X24 quality print.
Buy this poster today.  $13.00 + $5.00 shipping.
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