Welcome! now let me show you a poster.
Dragon 24x32 Glossy Satain Photo print (like a snap shot) not the normal poster paper -Heavy and long lasting quality 7mill paper.
    Below is
actual size of print details for your veiwing.
            At the bottem is the full poster view .
A mystical Dragon image that comes to life with
bold brite colors.
    Desigened to be both Black light and 3-D    responsive and still cause
Stop-N-Stare Zombies in normal room lighting.

     We ship each print in a tube rolled,and also include 1 pair of special 3-D glasses --

  Remarkable effects can't be viewed on your computer screen (unless there's a black light hidden inside ) but if you have ANY TYPE of 3-D glasses around--slip them on and take a look.
    You seem to step inside this image---Hold the marshmellows---!!
Full view of poster below.
Buy today for $18.00 + $5.00 Shipping
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