I started at the age of 15 with performing in the street, actually out of necessity; 
going round with the hat, doing some clowning and some pantomime... 
It didn't take long before i started practising other stuff, like juggling, theatre, fire eating,  dance.... 
At the age of 18, I was already running juggling courses for kids! 
From playing in the street, I soon got
proper gigs in nightclubs, weddings..
Obviously, different occasions require different shows,
so I started expanding my repertoire by performing in different styles. 
Every new place I perform gives me inspiration for new ideas.
I started getting tricks from martial arts, music, theatre, 
drag.. and combining it all.
For tricks are just tools.  What you do around the tricks makes the show.
In this way, i like to put my own stamp on productions and not offer something that has been done lots of times already.   I prefer not to structure my show too much beforehand either;
I have some arrows to launch when the time feels right. I like to tempt for reaction.
Interaction is important, there has to be room for improvisation.

One of my dreams is to set up a big freaking (fire) sideshow sometime, with all kinds of scary acts,
to tour the big festivals together... Maybe we'll get it off the ground one day...
For now I have quite a few different shows to offer as it is:

Circus workshops for children and adults,
involving juggling, acrobatics, facepainting, clowning, mime, improvisation and possibly fire eating.
Willow knows how to motivate the participants with her enthusiasm!
In this workshop people always surprise themselves with things they never thought they could do!
There is a possibility of the participants doing a show at the end of the workshop.
This program has been done several times as a 10 lesson course at community centres,
but can also be performed as a one-off event, outdoors as well as indoors.
Also great as a teambuilding event for companies.

An elixer of creative percussion, juggling, dance, fire eating and theatre improvisation.
A formation of four people, for more info, visit the
Makumba Page or my percussion.

Liven up your party with a face- or bodypainter!
Noy only can your kids be turned into clowns, dragons, pirates, princesses and who knows what all day,
Also for Masquerade Balls, theme parties and extravaganza in nightclubs this can be a great diversity.
Available as an all day or night attraction,
using professional water-based paints and accesoiries, which are easy to wash off.
Fluorescent water-based paints for blacklight venues available in 8 coulors as well.

Would you like to treat your guests with a bit of extra care?
Put the performing artists in an extra spotlight and spice up the acts?
Keep your guests on their toes and curious of what might be coming next in the show?
Let the re-occurring act of presentator tie in the different acts into a whole.
For this purpose, I have different caracters to offer;
from sexy lady or freak, to gentleman, blunt plumber or the ever so charming ......

Beware of this terrible womanizer! Keep an eye on your lady, because she will be impressed!
He's got the looks!   But manners?
find this out and more about this peculiar personality at
Valentino's Fanpage.
You never know though, when a man like this comes in handy..
He will definately spice up your night with his mediteranean fire and temperament.


Would you like to throw a different kind of party from the ordinairy?
Would you like to distinguish yourself with originality? Throw a theme party!
Let me help you create a decor/scene for your event. Invite your guests to turn up in fancy dress.
This will make them look forward even more to your event and boost the hype.
When the guests arrive and see the decoration and the other people invited,
they will automatically loosen up and fall into their part in the play.
Bodypaint on location and suitable performances will help as a finishing touch.
Congratulations! You've just created a movie, with your guests as players and an open outcome!
How much more exciting can it get?
Just to name a few possible themes;
space, fantasy, arabian nights, kinky, tropical, cartoon, gangster etc.

I am always open for new ideas to work on,
if you have an idea for a joint venture or you have a request for a special occasion,
feel free to
contact me!


MissChief Mingles
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