When I was  young, I was already wild...  I left home rather young for that reason..
Soon enough I found out that working at that age didn't earn me much money.. 
Clowning in the street, with a hat and a musician gave me a much better way of living...  An easy choice! 
Not long after that, I learned to juggle and travelled around Europe for several years, making my way juggling. 
Because I like to travel light, my performing outfits turned into casual wear... a queer sight in the dull streets of Europe!
By playing in the streets, people slowly started asking me for bigger gigs and workshops.
But the life of a juggler in rainy NorthWest Europe ain't easy,
so in the '95 November Rain,  I took a chance and opened a world handicraft
the future changed from there.. I started learning percussion and other important things in life.
While i had lessons, the shop was a great place to jam.
During these years i built up an excellent network of people who are all happening and creating bubbles of positivity.
I like joint ventures more than solo acts, so I played in several projects and formations over the years.
I started getting into organising all kinds of events and shows.
By running a shop (and later wholesale as well), I started to miss the liberty of freely going to places and perform.
So I got rid of the shop in 2001. 
After this era, i worked at community and health centres,
organising circus and percussion courses, shows, workshops and drumcircles.
Now I work part-time as a social worker, i don't need to perform for my bread and butter anymore.
I love to play, but now I can choose where. when and what.
Go more for the creative boost, working from inspiration.
I get a lot more fun out of it  this way.

Half this website is a bio, i guess.. what i do with percussion and circus/theatre, the shop.. it's all on this site somewhere..
you can navigate to some through the links at the upper left corner of this place.
However, if you're not bored of all this yet, or you are even getting excited reading this all,
you might like to check out a short version of my
Performance CV.
It's in dutch though...

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