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All of the following are book (or book series) reviews which I've written. The book reviews are kindly hosted by Ciao, who also pay me for my time. ;> (check out the "Surveysite" sections of this site to find out more, or just click the banner at the bottom of the page if you want to register.)
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Applegate's "Animorphs" SeriesAn archaic link (not updated)
Bach's "Illusions"
Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon"
Buchan's "Supernatural Tales"
Castaneda's "The Eagles Gift"
Delaney's "The Spooks Secret"
De Lint's "Moonheart"
Dever's "Lone Wolf" SeriesAn archaic link (not updated)
Edding's "Pawn of Prophecy"
Goodkind's "Phantom"
Jacques' "Redwall" Series An archaic link (not updated)
Jubber's "The Prester Quest"
Knaak's "The Legend of Huma"
Knaak's "Diablo: Moon of the Spider"
Knaak's "Diablo: Scales of the Serpent (The Sin War)"
McCaffrey's "The Dolphins of Pern"
Moffat's "The Sea Kingdoms"
Picknett and Prince's "The Templar Revelation"
Reeves' "Me:Moir"
Stoner's "Once in A Blue Moon"
Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" Series An archaic link (not updated)
Whybrow's "Little Wolf's Book of Badness"

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