The Great Credit Card Challenge

ďHelp One Person Achieve Freedom From DebtĒ

††††††††† I am not Karyn of Save Karyn. I didnít get in debt spending money on Prada. Heck, I have never even seen the inside of Bloomingdales. I am not asking for you to Giveboobs. I am a male and I donít need them. I am not renting my chest like RentMyChest. Although, the thought had crossed my mind. I wonít clean the inside of your computer screen like the InternetSqueegeeGuy. Seems like if you are reading this your screen is plenty clean. I am not a CEO looking for $100,000 to hire a lobbyist so I can move a factory to India. Although, part of the reason I am asking for money is to help my business. I need to relieve debt so I can get going forward again. So, I do have a more serious need for the money I am asking for than The Amazing Give Me A Dollar Website. I am in a real need to pay off my debt. I am someone like yourself who made some bad decisions. A few bad personal decisions that got me in some debt. And some other business decisions that turned south. That accelerated my southward direction. Now, I can hardly get by because of the debt load I am carrying. It is in the 10ís of thousands of dollars and I am drowning is this sea of debt that I created. I have tried many different things to help me get out of this bind. But, it is like trying to a hole to plant a redwood tree with a teaspoon. It will take many years to get that hole dug. Like it will take years to pay off the debt I have with the small payments I can make. However, if I had 1,000 people with 1,000 teaspoons I could get that hole dug in a lot less time. This same idea will work one paying debt. 1,000 people helping will get the debt paid that much faster. How about 10,000 people? Or 100,000 people? There are millions of people surfing the internet. If, they all took one teaspoon and lent a hand the debt would be paid off quick. I could get back to the business of making money instead of paying off credit card companies. And, from there, I could start building a real business and start generating profits. Think of a teaspoon as a Quarter in real money. I get enough Quarters and I am debt free. That is right. I am asking for quarters. I am not asking for Dollars Bills, Five-dollar Bills, Ten-dollar Bills, or even $20 bills. I am asking for quarters. That is not to say you canít send these amounts if you wish. But, I am asking each and every person who sees this page to send at least 1 Quarter. A scant 25 cents. You can even send it via paypal by clicking on the button above. You can click on Donate Money and send money via Snail mail. Drop a few quarters in an envelope and mail it off. Not only can you donate Quarters but, you can donate stuff you donít need, coupons, and anything else you can contribute. All you send would be used to help me get back on my feet and going in the right direction for a change. Please help.

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