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dctalksolo.com A site about the latest album from DC Talk

I am moving!! My new address will be,


It is my desire to provide Christian Alternatives to secular music, and to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through various forms of Christian Music. Also included on this site will be a large directory of Christian Music Links of all types. Please be patient with me and visit again soon. In the meantime- If you have any Christian Links, Christian Alternatives to popular secular styles of music or If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know via email. webfisher@geocities.com Please email any Christian Bands and their style/label to me so I may add them to my site.

Additionally, I have a goal to be the best source for Christian Music and Christian Music resources on the internet, but I do need your assistance in reaching this. I have encountered many people who would like to purchase Christian Music, or are interested in music of a particular style, but are not aware of the Christian alternatives for the music style, or where to begin. Prayerfully, we will be able to meet this need.

Thank you. .

My name is Aaron M Lopez, a resident of Sumter, South Carolina. I have been involved with Christian Music since May 7, 1989, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Since that moment, the Lord has given me a great desire to share who He is through music, and thus, this page came to be. Originally, this site was located at another URL, but it was moved to better facilitate the mission of this ministry.
The mission of this site is to shine forth the Gospel light in to a dark world. It is my desire, that within the pages contained in this site, that you will both find a ray of hope in this world. Please email me your comments on how this site can be improved, suggested additions to this site, or a note telling me how you liked/disliked about the site. Thank you

In Christ,
Aaron M Lopez
(a.k.a. WebFisher)

For a little more about me, Click Here.

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