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this site is about my alternative spring break trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in the spring 2005..
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Star Secrets: Twilight Jewels
~ A Magical Girl series about a nerd named Noelle who can transfer to her true Princess self, Nova.  Nova's goal is to fight her nemesis, Dark Star, with her Butterjewels (flying unicorns with a star jewel on it's forehead).  This series is about half-way written.

~How did Yasuraka Nomida and Makoto Yoshara  ever wind out to be roommates in their freshman year at Clanton University?  The title explains itself  :p (only 2 episodes on the site so far)

The Lion Emeralds 
NEW!  4/5/08
Chapters 1-2

A Mysterious Friendship
~ Cara Sayuki finds a long lost friend, Katana Ishida, who 'moved' years ago and was never heard from again.  Cara discovers the horrible secret of her best friend, as well as a secret within herself..

~ Sairaka Tream is a fifteen year-old girl who was isolated from the world most of her life.  She eventually discovers the beauty of the universe outside of her Uncle's farm, as well as it's horrors, from a jewelry box containing mysterious marbles.  Each marble has its own special power, and it's up for Sairaka to use them in order to protect a marble in her possesion that could destroy the world.
I plan on getting this story published and I am editing it now. Only the first five chapters have been posted, and none of these chapters have the editing I have done so far.  This series is currently my primary focus as I hope to get it published one day.

~ Alexandria Roana is a troublesome girl who has been raised at a military training school as far as she can remember.  She accidently discovers that the military brainwashed her, along with her classmates.  Alex joins a military program called Steelidge in hopes to find the truth of her past.
This story has not been finished, but it's getting there

ISAT in a Nutshell
Flying Snails
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