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This site isn't finished all the way but should help you find pretty cool sites that'll help you have more fun playing games or just help playing the games in the first place
I haven't been updating this site much If I do It will proboly be changed to an easier style to make
I'm not making a page about Spider Man 2 For the Ps2 but I will give you people a lil tip for it to get to the Statue of Liberty look around for helicopters flying next to the harbor and web whatever one you see and just stay still eventually it will pass another helicopter that flies over Ellis Island jump and web that one it will take you to the island for sure and it might also take you to the statue if not just wait towards the statue for one that flies over it

I'm still adding more but if you want to help somehow just leave a msg in the message board if you have a site that you own and want linked or if you have any new links to sites that just have alot on them and I'll see bout linking em

I finished the gta series section for now will be adding more whenever I can

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