Strawberry/mint/chocolateDeliciously hand made candles , bath/body products

Beautiful candles made from scratch, handmade bat/body toiletries and gift baskets filled to the hilt. All Spa quality and natually made from Earth's environmentally friendly ingredients with no harmful chemicals to the skin. The pure luxury of Shea butter, Mango butter and other natural oils and butters, pure grade essential and fragrance oils used. We're the folk who cather to the skin you live and work in with a quinique and incrdible gift source.

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Soy made for smooth, clean, aromatic, long lasting burn time.  No waxy smell, just the pure scent of the fragrance pouring through.  Makes fantastic gifts and fits any decor. 

Frosted pillar candles
Beautifully frosted look candles in pillars and comes in jars too ~

Jar and travel tin candles for every occasion

Jar candles
Soy jar candles

Be sure to check out our gift baskets 

Bath/body toiletry and handbag section.

Long lasting aroa

Spreading the light of love


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