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My second update! I've only got a bit more done. I set up the catagories for the fics I'll be reccing and got pictures and all that good stuff. i actually only have 2 recs posted, and they are under Queer as Folk. I will try and update more frequently and such, but I just started a new job on Monday, so things are kind of hectic right now. I'll update again as soon as I can, promise.
First Update:

As you can read above, this is my rec page. There will be recs from a lot of different fandoms, so I'll try and keep it organized. This is my first web page and I'm just learning how to do it, so things will probably look sparse until I get the hang of things. I'm starting out pretty slow, so it might take a while to get things up and running, but I think this is going to be my new hobby, so we'll see.

On to the recs...
This page is still under construction, so if you find a link that isn't active or is broken, that would be why. I do plan on updating frequently, so give a day and it should be fixed.
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