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Entered 11.10.03 
by Velma


If you don’t know by now, the new Seattle Ronald McDonald House is finally open!

A few weeks ago, Ronald McDonald House Charities held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the new house. A really nice couple who were strong supporters of the In Apolo’s Name campaign went to the ribbon cutting to take pictures and basically represent the IAN spirit.

I asked them a few questions to get an idea of what the even was like. To read what they had to report, plus her pictures, click here.

We have a couple more cool surprises waiting in the wings. Check in next week for a new update.


Entered 9.17.03 
by Velma

Woo! Someone bust out the furniture polish. This place is dusty!

Hello. Thanks for visiting. If you're new to this site, please check all the links, read all the articles. You'll get the idea of what happened here.

Whether you are new to this site or not, I hope you'll find some interest in what I have to say next.

Unintentionally, I have waited until the very last minute to encourage you to help out a young guy named Cody Kirkland. Strangely, I know very little about him, except this: He’s the son of Apolo’s massage therapist, the very same kid and his mom who Apolo visited in a Ronald McDonald House not so long ago, the visit that got Apolo to thinking about Ronald McDonald House Charities, which eventually lead to the In Apolo’s Name project

With all that, it looks like Cody could use some direct help with his medical expenses. So, some really nice people have put together a raffle to benefit Cody via the Pediatric Heart Transplant Foundation. The raffle prizes include some rare Apolo videos and an autographed beret. The deadline to enter the raffle is midnight Sept. 22. Don't take my word for it. Read all the details here:

When I first read about "Operation Kirkland" on Ohno Zone, and then on the raffle Web site, I got a really good feeling about the whole thing. The effort is sincere and well-thought out. No egos, no profits, no complications. It’s simple. Print out the form. Fill it out. Write out a check or money order. Send it in. Brilliant.

I would never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself.  I sent in $30. I really considered rising above it all and just making the donation and bowing out of the raffle. But, uhm, I didn’t.  :)  I know I won’t win, but it’s just fun to think I could. So could you! Give it a go! If I could, I would have been a true Santa and given more. But, hey, you do what you can do when you can do it, right? So, there it is.


Entered 1.21.03 
by Velma

Just wanted to share with you this great letter from Michelle. She sent this letter to the RMHC with her second donation back in August 2002. The RMHC loved this note and sent it along with their letter to Apolo telling him about the success of the project. The letter illustrates the kind of sweet and genuine people out there who just wanted to make a difference (and who think “Apolo rocks something fierce”). :) Thanks, Michelle!

Click on the letter for a larger look. 


Entered 1.19.03 
by Velma

Hi there!

As you know, near the end of the campaign you guys shifted the contributions into high gear. So, we not only met our $10,000 goal but surpassed it by more than $1,000. Because of that, the RMHC has given us the largest engraved paver they offer. I wanted to share with everyone the note and certificate we received as a symbol of our accomplishment. (You can click on the certificate to see a larger version.)


They have not developed the actual pavers yet. That will be a long way down the road, but this picture shows some good examples. Our paver will be 12”x 12”.


Site Update
I archived the Newsroom entries in two frames at the bottom of the page. It is fun reading through those archives. If you start at the beginning and read forward, they tell the whole story. 

I just started working with frames. So, let me know if you have any trouble with them.

Hope you all have a great MLK Day tomorrow. We can truly celebrate as we too had a dream and we actually made it come true. Cheers to you all!


Entered 1.9.03 
by Velma

Does anyone come to this site anymore? ;)

For you dedicated peeps out there, thanks. I am going to try my best to get all the info you need and want on the site. We'll be wrapping this project up!

I know. It's a little sad it's over, but we have walked away with some great mementos.

Try back a couple of times this weekend. I promise. I'll do my best.

If you have any questions, you know what to do. Just send us an ol' email.



Apolo Radio Interview From Day of RMH Groundbreaking ~ The interview lasts about 5 minutes and Apolo speaks about the RMH in the last minute or so.

Seattle’s’s Coverage of the Groundbreaking on May 29, 2002


Weekly Tally

6.24.02 ~ $1,706
7.1.02 ~ $1,758
7.11.02 ~ $1,858
7.15.02 ~ $2,113
7.23.02 ~ $2,333
7.23.02 ~ $2,761
8.5.02 ~ $2,761
8.12.02 ~ $2,921
8.19.02 ~ $3,149
8.26.02 ~ $3,149
9.3.02 ~ $3,484
9.9.02 ~ $3,484
9.16.02 ~ $3,664
9.23.02 ~ No tally
9.30.02 ~ $4,034
10.7.02 ~ No tally
10.14.02 ~ No tally
10.21.02 ~ $4,584
11.4.02 ~ $4,823
11.22.02 ~ $7,884
12.9.02 ~ $10,442
12.24.02 ~ $10,512

Final Tally
12.31.02 ~ $11,037.22



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