For seven months in 2002, fans of Apolo Anton Ohno, U.S. short track speed skater extraordinaire, worked feverishly to raise money to help Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington (RMHC) build a new Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Seattle. Based on public statements, fans knew this was a charity close to Apolo’s heart, so they made all their donations in his name. They set a goal to raise $10,000 ensuring a room at the new Seattle RMH would bear Apolo’s name. Along the way the fans helped the RMHC reach one of its monetary challenges for construction funding and additional monies for operational costs for the new house. By Dec. 9, 2002, the fans managed to raise more than $10,000 in Apolo’s name. The project ended Dec. 31, 2002, but the effects live on.

This is only a brief synopsis of what happened. You can learn more about the project, the people, and the history of In Apolo’s Name via the links provided below.

I.A.N. Stats

June 5, 2002

December 31, 2002

Number of contributors: 108

Total funds donated to RMHC of Western Washington by fans in Apolo’s name: $11,037.22

The RMH 
Check out pictures of the construction site here.

The Newsroom updated 11.10.03 
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The Agora
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Q&A updated 1.19.03 
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The History   updated 1.19.03
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The Fans updated 1.19.03
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SITE NOTE: This site was established June 4, 2002, serving as the information hub on this project and will continue to report any news or information that comes along relating to the In Apolo’s Name project until otherwise noted.



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