Me, myself, & I
What you go by. an. hehe..
Nicknames. An G, An_hehe, stalker, bitch, whore
Sex. Yes! er, Female
Birthdate. 03.28.87
Age. will be 16 in 03.28.03
Hair. Blaqishly brown
Eyes. Lite brown
Height. 5'1" 1/4 boo hoo
Location. San Jo, CA
Goal. Be a skydiver. hahaha. ha.
Chinese Zodiac. Rabbit
Western Zodiac. aries

As of now, my ... is
manga obsession. X/1999
real life obsession.Ebay (sad life story)
song. Linkin Park - somewhere i belong
game. Soulcalibur
day. 03.28.03 or saturdays
time. 12.0 A
shampoo. Finesse
drinking. Yo quiero tequila
eating. Mc Donald's
doing. no comment...
aim. furfurwitantlers

My Favorite
tv show. Buffy, Angel!
food. junk
drink. Root beer (keyword: beer)
colors. Black & white
movie. Cradle to the Grave
mythological animal. furfur!
mang/anime. Hack Sign, X, Gundam Wing, Chobits, Paradise Kiss, Mars, Inu Yasha, Fushigi Yugi, Ranma, Angel Sanctuary, Ceres, Evangelion
drink. Root beer (keyword: beer)
hobby. drawing, *wink*

† Lovely Lyrics†

: :Deftones : :
I watched you change into a fly
I looked away you were on fire
and I watched a change in you
It's like you never had wings
now you feel alive
I've watched you change
I took you fome
set you on the glass
I pulled off your wings
then I laughed
and I watched a change in you
now you feel alive
Now you feel so alive
I've watched you change
like you never had wings

I look at the cross
then I look away
give you the lungs to
blow me away

ll's fair in love, war, and videogames!

As of 12.27.02 I am now officially:

pdq* harking: bleh
pdq pondering: how hungry i am
pdq scheming: getting ready for april fool's day (so what if it's only december?)
pdq eating: panda express food, yum
pdq ascertaining: how hungry i can get

*pdq - pretty damned quick(ly)

[my so-called updates]

New layout again, yay! Hope you peeps like it.

gosh darnit i my guestbook's been flamed. *gasp* omg. i feel so loved . . er damned. i feel like a tru web owner now. haha the sad thing is, he's 2 cowardly to email me. *sigh* if he did, i can have fun posting it up! oh wells, maybe some other time.

well, i got all the odds and ends tyed up, or so i hope. i just added the semi-rant, imp. questions, and another 'sad ass' page today. so dont get mad at me if it's still unda kunstruction. i do have a life dont chyer know, well, sorta

damn. i finally got all the freakin bugs fixed and pages working properly. man it took forever. i also got the banners up as well. i can't help thinkin that this is a waste of time doing this shit. oh well. i think i'll go add some more pages and drink some more coffee or sum-in

Well, here's the new layout for this damned site! thanks to Umi kuni layouts. Thankx very much, really. y'all shoulda seen my last layout. it was all freaky lookin

[the touchstone disclaimer]

i deny any and all accusations for having played mind games on my peers. actually, i don't really have to. my presence can be enough to drive some peeps, especially my enemies, criminally insane

[the redifined guarantee]

. . . that i'm not messin w/ ya mind, really. fine. don't believe me why don't you

[the not-so-subtle fine print]

any and all banners on this website were created by me and hense belong to me, including the 'got rice?' piccy on the entrance site. don't take 'em, or else. And yes that is a threat.

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