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Hi, I'm Mark. I have been racing cars for about 25 years now, both my kids and my wife has also raced at one time or another. The kids pretty well grew-up at the race tracks. So they have racing in their blood. The only thing about racing cars is that you usually have to work on then too. Which is not one of my favorite things to do. It's a good thing that my son Todd is now a mechanic. We have raced at Louisiana Raceway Park in Eunice Louisiana and State Capital Dragway in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Take a look below to see my car and truck.

350 Chevy

This is my '96 Chevy. It has a Vortec 350, locking rear end, a K&N Air Filter, and Flowmaster mufflers. I have lowered it 5 inches in the back and 3 inches in the front. The best quarter mile time is 14.94 at 90 mph.

350 Chevy

'71 Oldsmobile 442 W-30
This is my '71 Oldsmobile 442 W-30. I bought in 1983. I'm the 4th owner. It was a 4 speed from the factory but after having it for about ten years I put an automatic transmission in it with a 3000 stall converter. I also put forged pistons and a larger cam (300 dur. 540 lift) a single plane aluminum intake, headers, and 3.91 gears in the rearend. I also had all of the front and rear suspension changed. When the car was stock it ran 14.20 in the quarter mile now it runs 12.70 in the quarter.



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