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Personal Information

My Background
Born in Belfast Northern Ireland. I am presently living in Durban South Africa in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal.
I still think Ireland is the best place on earth.

My Interests
Graphics & Digital Art/Publishing

My Vision
To see the increased use of meaningful visual material in the field of safety and education.

My Plan to achieve this Goal
See my Plan

Come look!
See a selection of my 3D artwork. See how I have used the excellent raytracing software available on the web.I have some examples ready. This will be an on-going process, so visit when you like.Start Here!

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Items of Interest

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Crash Bandicoot. My hero

Current Projects

To learn how to use and interact with the wonderful world of the Internet and to utilise it to the full as a communication tool and a medium for the enrichment of the lives of anyone I may touch ...
The establishment of a graphic based discipline,primarily safety and safety education, with the ultimate purpose of reaching a multi-skilled and multi-cultural society in a language that spans all divisions. I have achieved some measure of success with a series of safety posters for display in working environments but hope to expand this to commercial, educational and domestic situations. ...
The production of a pocket sized 'safety manual' not only for industry but also for non industrial situations which will outline to all age groups in many environments basic rules for the preservation of a sound, healthy and safe lifestyle. ...
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Safety Hot List

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Formal engineering background with strong emphasis on technical drawing and design.Three years of art college starting with a good foundation in Fine Art, culminating in photograhy, sculpture and Three Dimensional studies.The latter period of my studies being at Wimbledon School of Art in London.

Mondi Paper
Detail-Design Draftsman

Presently busy with the transition from traditional drawing office disciplines to full integration of electronic media (CAD) in all areas of the companies operations.

Tecart, text and graphics
Primary education in Safe, Healthy Living

The use of visual media in the fields of safety and education with the view to establishing a means of communicating sound values in both the commercial and the domestic environment.

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Personal Interests

I love castles and the atmosphere generated by these islands of refuge. Often built in hostile landscapes they ooze history and the forgotten memories and dreams of times past. Click Carrickfergus castle above (my favourite) to see some more ...
Fine Art
I am fascinated by the artistic achievement of man from Stone Age to present time. I believe the calling of the artist is equal to and in some cases exceeds the calling of many great stations in life. True art touchs the spirit of man, the creative in man echoes The Creator ...
Computer Graphics
This is the age Wonders and Miracles, as the song goes. The computer has opened a completely new world to the artist. The possibilities are endless. I hope we never do find the end of the electronic rainbow ...
People of Courage
Never before in the history of our planet has the need for people of morality, compassion and courage been so great. The standards are falling so we need those people to stand in the gap for us who will not judge us for our beliefs, colour or lack of whatever abilities society has decided for us. I salute the Martin Luther Kings the Nelson Mandelas the Mother Theresas and the ordinary John Does who provide such excellent role-models for us ...

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