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Hi!  Five years later, and I'm still around, though haven't done much work on the website I'm afraid.  (Sorry)

Anyway, am now back in to the swing of things and plan on updating the website with loads of new information and a new look.  :)

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Although my page was originally intended as a quick starting point for me to reach all of my favorite sites, it has grown and developed into something much more special. Please feel free to browse the collection of my own work, as well as the links provided below


Meanings (as I have collected them), associated astrological signs and letters for the 22 Major Arcana Cards


Meanings for all Minor Arcana cards.  A lot of information which I have collected over the years


The best way to read tarot is INTUITIVELY.  This pages covers body language, color, numberology etc, and their influence on the cards


What happens when you see 2 Aces, or 3 Kings, or 4 Fours? - Add a whole dimension to your readings

This is ELBETH, the ELF, who was adopted through Dwombat's Adoption Agency. She is here to guide and protect you as you visit my page.


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By channeling energy/chi/prana you can obtain optimum health status, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually


This is where I intend to publish the manual which I use to teach my own Reiki students

This is EDGAR, adopted from Catz. He actually lives on my desktop, but he got jealous of Elbeth being on the web page and insisted I put him on the page too!. As a virtual pet, he needs constant attention, feeding, playing with, grooming, petting and caring for. Interested in adopting a virtual pet? I will be including an adoption form soon, otherwise, take a detour to www.petz.com for more information.


Coming soon!! You fill in the word associations, and I tell you which of your chakras are out of balance!




My own musings and ponderings


Recommended books for any decent bookshelf

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Rings I am proud to belong to



I'd love to hear your suggestions, queries and comments




NEW! Added 1st September (Happy Spring Day, South Africa!)

TarotChat is a newsgroup where you can get exercises, meditations, practice tarot readings, discussion and debate on the cards. We are currently moving through the Fool’s Journey… 22 members chose a Major Arcana Card and shows how the card fits in with the sequence of the other cards. Sound interesting? Why not check out the TarotChat Home Page?


Divination and Other Interesting stuff

The Matrix Oracles - Incredible Divination Page

Allgrowth - The Place for self development

Josephine's Homepage - Personality tests etc.

Absolutely FABULOUS Interactive Online-Oracle (I-ching)

Share - Holistic Health Magazine

The World Wide On Line Meditation Center



Witchs Brew - This wiccan site has more than a million hits each month.

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the Wiccan religion

Wiccan Advisor

Wicca... what it is, and what it isn't

Spiritweb Moon Calendar

The Witches Voice

The Magik Toadstool/Full Moon Rising

Amethystfire's Wiccan Sanctuary




Reiki Links Home Pages

Soulstar Spiritual Adventures - Free online manual

Enersense Reiki

 Reiki 1 - Online directory and information

Penny's Garden - Lots of nice information, especially on Reiki



Michele's Tarot Page - Great Deck Reviews

Joan Bunning - On-line tarot course

TarotMystic - Information on symbolism

Morgan's Tarot

David C. Jones -Tarot Layouts

Facade.com - Free on-line readings with a selection of decks

Mary Greer - Tools and Rites of Transformation

Moonstruck - Nina Lee Braden


Buddhist Thinking

Osho Live .. The sound of one hand clapping

Buddhanet - The graphix are out of this world


General - Loads of FREE GOODIES!

Blue Mountain Art - FREE online greeting cards.

Amazon Books - Great way to order books

Hotmail - Free E-mail

Dave's Page

What's happening in RI - Local Holistic Scene

Amanda's Page Guardian Adoptions


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