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All for one

All of the contents here is about giving awards out. There are very few rules here. The main rule is you MUST have a site that Anyone can go on. From 0-100. This is a must. Sign the guest book and then your on your way to having an award. Simple! A link back to us would be nice but not a must.

Well if your ready to enter and look around, lets get started. Pick the place you would like to start at from below. Award is where you choose what award you would like. It loads slow so please be patient. Webrings is where you can join our webring. Winners is where your name will go with a link back to your site. My award is just that, the awards you visitors send to me. I don't apply for them but I do sign guestbooks. Form is where you go to fill out the form for the award. Before you go to the form look at the awards, you will have to choose the one you would like. If you do not I will have to and I hate doing that.

This is Sara she will show you around.

Hi everyone. I have just been adopted by Dapper and she has gave me my very own room. You are welcome there anytime. Here's our mailing list. We will let you know once a month our news. Who recieved an award and where to find them at. Any updates on the site also. Were not much on writing so will make it short and sweet. Sign up today.

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